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Debbie and her Leopard-Totobobo mask

Look, leopard pattern, what a cool fashion statement!
This is the latest customisation by Debbie, one of our new users. What is her first impression of the Totobobo mask?

Love it, took it for a test drive yesterday for a 3-hour bike ride and added a leopard mesh underneath. Probably the most breathable mask I own. Even my elder son told me: “”It’s more comfortable and I can breathe better with the new Totobobo masks than the cloth masks.” 

After some uses, one thing I unexpectedly appreciated: The front entrance always has a hook bursting full of cloth masks that inevitably fall on the floor. Now, she’s minimized the clutter in the front entrance – each person has one mask. Most importantly, this is a great sustainable option, reducing waste from disposable masks and reducing water usage (washing a household’s worth of dirty masks). Even though the filters are disposable, it leaves a smaller environmental footprint while still providing maximum safety. 

Debbie https://www.instagram.com/p/CV9YUmhPXa5/

Debbie saw Totobobo mask from her friend’s Facebook post. Her family currently wears reusable cloth masks, but the effective ones are hard to breathe in, and the comfortable ones are probably minimally protective. The worst is that cloth masks take time to clean and dry and become less effective over repeated washes. She has two boys who are too young to be vaccinated, and it is vital to have a trustworthy mask to protect them truly and are comfortable to wear and easy to clean, especially if they ever travel again.
Debbie also does indoor rock climb where she needs to wear a mask at all times. She finds it difficult to breathe in the cloth masks and incidentally, she came across another post about a rock climber using the Totobobo mask and finds it comfortable enough to breathe in.
We are glad that after trying the totobobo mask, Debbie enjoys using it, making it more fashionable than ours!

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