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Thanks for your interest in Totobobo mask. In order to provide quality attention to genuine parties, we need to qualify your email and contact address. The procedure is simple; just make a purchase USD600 worth of samples from our online store. We will be glad to share details of minimum quantity and dealership price after validating your contact.

For more details please refer to this post about our approach to dealership .

Purchase of product samples is not a guarantee of dealership status. We are looking forward to discussing the potential availability.
We stop taking on new dealers from China.

We are expanding our distribution network. Please Contact Us for detail.

21 thoughts on “Become a dealer”

  1. Dear Totobobo,

    Just a quick query, are your resellers in UB still active? Pollution is reaching dangerous levels yet nobody is wearing your masks.



  2. Interested in being a dealer, from Bangalore India
    please contact 09880611520

  3. hello! we would be interested in becomming a distibutor of your product in senegal (west africa) please send us your wholesale prices for the totobobo masks and filters so we can get started as soon as possible.

    best regards

  4. Hi Susanh, Yes you can modify the combination as described. Please enter this as ‘Buyer instruction’ during the Paypal process. Alternatively forward the Paypal receipt to us with the alternative combination.

  5. Now, looking at your section on becoming a dealer. I believe I can perform a real service becoming a dealer and supplying your masks and filters here in Santa Fe, NM and Albuquerque, NM – especially because I have very many contacts in the health community and amongst bicycling enthusiasts. In that case, you have a suggested “sample” kit of 2 each: Classic, Universal and SuperCool, plus 60 94% filters. Is it possible to modify the quantities and instead order 3 each of the Classic and Universal Earloop and (30) 94% and (30) 96% filters? while still enjoying your FEDEX shipping offer? Please advise because this may be the best way for me to order from you. Thank you, Susan

  6. Hi.
    We are interested in marketing and promoting your mask through Spanish market.(Agent and distributor)
    We are based in Barcelona, Spain.
    Best Regard,
    Santiago Gabarro

  7. Dear Sir/Madam

    Could you please kindly provide me your E-Catalogue, Brochure include prices?
    I am so interested in becoming a distributor of your product in Iran as Agent and distributor!
    Please let me know what I need to do to be able to become your Distributor/Dealer here.
    I know all your costumers of your products in all cities in Iran? Please do not hesitate to
    email me on this regards. Thank you !!

  8. Sir,

    Good day! I already my email to But iam interested to be your distributor.
    How can be one of your distributor? My market is Manufacturing and Production company.

    Iam Ulysses Durano GM of Alprotech Corporation.


    Uly Durano

  9. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I am very much interested in becoming a dealer for your totobobo respirator mask. I will be retiring from my second job at the end of May in the Philippines. I am currently living in California. I researched your product, as I had a hard time doing my brisk walking in the streets of Metro Manila whenever I go home.

    Please let me know what I need to do to be able to become your Distributor/Dealer in the Philippines.

    Bert Guiang

  10. My family and grandchildren are travelling this friday and will be in hongkong for 3 days. is there any place there where they can purchase totobobo masks? how about in Manila, you have any resellers or dealers here?

  11. Hello
    I am interested in becoming a distributor of your product in Western Canada.
    I’ve purchased the sample pack (4masks+50filters) and will anctiously be awaiting their arrival.
    If the quality of the product is as good as I think it is, I’d love to do business with you.


  12. I ordered a mask for my son on October 29, 2009, he started school last week after being out for 3 weeks and I really want him to have the protection of this mask. Shipping has not been confirmed yet Please let me know when the mask should be here.
    Victoria Bradford
    8201 NW 81st Court
    Kansas City MO 64152
    United States

  13. Hi,
    My 6 yr. old son is fighting ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia). He like many other kids in the New England area wants to attend school full-time over flu seaon and cannot get any flu vaccinations. We may be able to get a non-profit to donate funds to buy in large quantities for a number of pediatric hem/onc clinics to give out to kids who are not getting vaccinated but would like to attend school. Would you be willing to send me a few samples at no cost or at greatly reduced cost. They must be the child’s size – would be used for kids as young as 3 attending pre-school through elementary school. Can you help us out at all?
    Thanks much

    Diane O’Neil
    Mom to Jeremy; dx 3/14/09; pre-B cell ALL; HR;SER
    phone: 603-267-1831

  14. Wonderful products.
    We are interested in becoming your dealer in China, all major cities.
    Please contact me.
    Jason Zhang
    Beijing, China

  15. Hi,
    We are interested to offer your masks in India, in combination with our Mobile Laboratories and Mobile Health Clinics.
    Can we have your offer in qty fo 100-200 master cartons?
    ANd cross-link our sites?
    See us on YouTUBE

  16. Hi:

    I’m interested in being a dealer or rep. in Vientiane, Laos.

    Phone: +850207609348

  17. Can you send the price list and varieties of mask available with you?

    I am interested in becoming dealer of your products.

    Kindly provide with necessary informations for the above.


  18. Hi
    we want to promote your mask in india as mask being in much demand.

    pls revert with relevent detals.


  19. To whom it may concern.

    I have find your esteemed company and innovative mask through searching on the Internet.

    As far as I know, you don’t have any agent or distributor in Iran because we have not seen your product in the market.

    We are interested in marketing and promoting your mask through Iranian markset based on the close cooperation type (Agent and distributor)

    For your information, Iran has an approximate population of 75 million and these days because the number of infected people by H1N1 has reached to 105 persons after one/two weeks of first seen, there is a good opportunity to enter the market.

    If you need any further information about the market please don’t hesitate to ask.

    It would be appreciated if you provide us your e-catalogue, brochure,…etc (if you have any available).

    We will be waiting for your kind reply and feedback.

    Best Regards,

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