3rd Party Reviews on Totobobo Mask

It is important to study a product carefully before buying it, one of the most important things to take note of are the comments made by other consumers who have purchased the same product. To save you the trouble, we have done up a compilation of the different reviews we have gotten over the years from external sources, therefore they are trustworthy and not made up by us!

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Via News

Totobobo mask on Wall Street Journal

Debra Bruno, a freelance journalist and a jogger in Beijing explains her choice of Totobobo mask to the Wall Street Journal during an interview

“This filter was white when I started and it got this nasty grey after only 10km.” Chas Pope – Marathon runner

“The filters show up an astonishing amount of dirt after just a few cycles, which really hits home how dirty the air we breathe in is. It’s easy to attach and I can move my face when wearing it – a bonus.”

“Tipping the scales at 20g, Totobobo is the lightest reusable respiratory mask on the market. “

“The white filter pads make it easy – and incredibly satisfying – to monitor the particulates that have been caught  “



“There was a visible change in the colour of the filters, and I was more aware of the visible dust being kicked up by trucks and was grateful I wasn’t inhaling this. I suffer from hay fever and could imagine the mask would be a huge benefit in reducing the symptoms. “Chris Lima, a member of IoD Oxfordshire

via avid traveller:

“We have started using our Totobobo masks, and changed the filters for the first time after 7 days of usage in Malaysia, plagued by the haze coming from Indonesia. So far we are satisfied, it works well and the filters are getting grey as expected!” Davide Vadalà and Oti from Nomad Travellers

“it is a well-designed, super lightweight mask that allows me to freely breathe as I wheel around town.” Sahn

via cyclist:

“Totobobo mask has a good feature where you can customize the mask (and the ear loop) by reshaping it with hot water / hair dryer. This is a very crucial feature, a mask that do not fit your face is not an effective mask at all.”

“Given how dirty the pads get, I can only assume this mask is blocking out plenty of pollution. The mask itself is soft and doesn’t rub, even when sweaty.”

via Runner:


“Totobobo mask is also comfortable to wear and easy to breathe with. So it is commonly used by cyclists, motorcyclists and artists when navigating around in polluted environments.” Pris Chew, runner blogger

via artist:

via health sites:

“Aside from an amazing name, this mask is interesting for its design – it gets moulded to your face (using warm water) for a good fit, and when worn, is transparent where it’s in contact with your skin, and translucent otherwise. This means that you can just stand in front of the mirror and ensure that you’ve gotten a good seal on the mask.”

Clean Living Blog

“In other masks, there is no way to find out if it is tightly fitted on the face. Totobobo has solved this problem using an innovative ‘water-mark’ technique in which the frosted surface of the mask becomes transparent where there is good skin contact and remains translucent where there is a leakage.”

“the mask itself is more environmentally friendly. You only throw the filters away – not the entire mask. “

“This is the only mask I’ve been able to get used to. “

“As soon as I take it off, I’m aware of how much pastel is on and around me by just breathing (it’s scary to think I was breathing all that dust before!)”

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Totobobo for little Chows and family

Chow’s family and Totobobo mask

renowned photographer Steven Chow and his wife, Lin Hui Yi (Economist) are long-time users of Totobobo mask since they moved to Beijing. Under the title “Chow and Lin”, they produced many interesting and meaningful works, including the exhibition “Poverty line”, a collection of photos showing “What Eating At The Poverty Line Is Like Around The World.
Living in Beijing, Mrs Chow often goes about her daily life and brings her kids around on a bicycle. For protection from air-pollution, she loves the practicality of Totobobo mask and has been using it since 2011. However, she could not find a mask that can fit her kids properly. After hearing her concern, I offer to customise two Totobobo masks for the “little Chows”. I follow Steven’s facebook and was delighted to to know the little Chows like their customised Totobobo mask! Thanks to Stefen for the permission to republish his post here:

Stefen Chow
12 May at 12:07 · Beijing, China ·
Beijing Air is crappy at 270 today, but screw this. We are still going out to play.

We do feel protected – Totobobo Mask sent us specially customized masks for our toddlers. Thank you Uncle Francis!

Thank you Uncle Francis Chu from Totobobo Mask for customizing face masks for our Little Chows!

Stefen Chow
12 May at 10:42 · Beijing, China ·
It has been a slightly dreadful day where the air quality is about 270.

Not ideal, and seem crazy to some of our friends, but at least we are properly protected.

Source: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stefenchow/posts/10155180548671503

If you are curious about Chow and Lin’s work please visit this link: https://www.stefenchow.com/

Totobobo news features on Reuters

Our recent news about Petit mask make it’s way to Reuters.  Interesting!

Totobobo featured in Reuters News.

Totobobo featured in Reuters News.

SINGAPORE, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — India air took 6 hours off Mr. Obama’s life during his 3 days visit to New Delhi last week according to The Hill (27, Jan. 2015). Similar to many other big cities in Asia, New Delhi has high concentrations of particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers, or PM2.5, which is known to cause lung cancer, heart attacks and various respiratory diseases.

Air pollution can be a real concern if you are traveling with children to cities with poor air quality, because children’s lungs are not fully developed and are more susceptive to the harmful effect of PM2.5, according to WHO.

Singapore based company Totobobo Pte. Ltd. introduced a new pollution mask specially designed for children and women. The new “Petit” mask comes with an innovative approach to ensure a good seal between the mask and the user’s face.

Quality of the face seal is essential for protection against airborne pollutants. However, this factor is often overlooked due to lack of accurate method to check the seal. A study of 1500 fit-tests of 500 N95 masks on 50 participants by Tongji Medical College (China), discovered that over 90% failed the fit-test due to poor face seal. This suggests over 90% of the time, consumer may not be getting the expected protection from N95 masks due to poor seal.

The Petite mask came with a simple “Check & Seal” system to address the face seal issue:

1) A patented method to check the face seal, called “Watermark Seal Check”.
2) A “ReShape” feature which allows the user to close any gaps by heat-moulding the mask.
3) In case “ReShape” alone is not sufficient to close the gaps, user may trim the mask to fit smaller children.

Compares with the original Totobobo mask, the Petit is softer and more comfortable. Beta tester, Miss Hu Xiao Fei from Beijing China, commented in China’s micro blog Weibo:

“When I put on the new Petit mask, I was amazed! It fits so well all around my face, there is nothing I can say. I just love it!”

Hopefully this small mask will provide some relief for families traveling to, or living in polluted area.

New Totobobo Petit, some improvement from the previous models

Totobobo Petit (kid)

The Petit is a smaller version of the original Totobobo mask and is specially designed for ladies and children with smaller face sizes. Similar to the original Totobobo mask, the Petit comes with many important features of the original Totobobo mask, including easy and reliable seal check, which is the world’s first.

What are the important features we keep in the new Totobobo Petit model?

– Water-mark seal-check (Water mark seal check)
– ReShape the mask with hot water or hair dryer , to optimise fit to individual
– Can be trimmed to fit smaller face sizes (sometimes down to three years old)
– Adjustable straps for security and comfort
– High performance filters, easy to breathe with
– Essential packaging, minimum impact on environment

Totobobo Petit (lady)

While inheriting the advantage of the original Totobobo mask, the Petit comes in with the following improvements:

– Smaller size, fits most female and teenagers without trimming
– Softer mask body, more comfortable
– More secure filter cap
– Bigger effective filter area, even less breathing resistance than previous
– Includes an adaptor to convert earloop to head strap

In terms of operation, nearly all user instruction are the same as previous, except how to remove and replace the filter. Here is a video showing how to do it:

How to remove the filter:

How to install new filter:

For readers from China, please click here

CCA report: Totobobo mask performs not as good as $1 disposable mask?

2014-03-21 Beijing, China
China Consumer’s Association (CCA) published a major test report of 37 types of anti-pollution masks purchased from open market in China. These includes sources from both physical shops and online stores. The test was conducted according to Chinese standard GB2626-2006 《呼吸防护用品自吸过滤式防颗粒物呼吸器》, or 《Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators》. Majority of the test samples are disposable respirator, a few cloth mask (permeable material) with exchangeable filters. Only Totobobo mask is “rubber mask” (non permeable material) with exchangeable filters. According to the results, at a rating from poor (1 star, to best, 5 stars) Totobobo mask rated 3.5 stars for filtration efficiency, 4 stars for breathing resistance and “POOR” for face fit. This result compares to a few of the much cheaper disposable mask (e.g. Maskin 61750) is not impressive at all.

Link to the CCA test result here: http://www.cca.org.cn/web/xfzd/newsShow.jsp?id=66941

We were quite surprised by the poor result because there is a big differences from an earlier study done in the Prince of Wales hospital, Chinese University in Hong Kong. That study compared the performance of Totobobo mask against several N95 masks previously fit tested. The results shown that Totobobo mask was able to achieve reduction of airborne particles by 132 fold while those previously fitted 3M masks were able to achieve 193 fold of reduction. In terms of comfort 65% of subjects preferred the Totobobo mask
over the N95 masks (1860, 1860s 3M).

Link to the hospital test in Hong Kong: http://www.journalofhospitalinfection.com/article/S0195-6701(10)00033-2/abstract

Since there is a large gap between the two tests, we are now trying to find out more information about the CCA test, for example what kind of tests have been performed on the mask, and how it was conducted. Perhaps the reason will be more clear about our investigation. We will update this post at we find out more.

If you have any idea/theory to explain this performance gaps, please leave a comment below.

Stylish Totobobo mask

Putting on a mask usually look strange compared to not wearing one. But from time to time we spotted some very stylish wearer. Ms Jiang is definitely one of them! She was spotted on the popular Chinese micro-blog “Weibo”, and with her permission, I am glad to share her photo here. (谢谢你,蒋二!)



From Dr. Richard St. Cyr’s Weibo

2011-10-10 from http://www.weibo.com/daniudaifu
By Dr. Richard St. Cyr in Beijing

The best reusable N95 mask I have seen is from Totobobo.com. It’s clear plastic with small reusable filters, really easy to switch. You can buy them on their website at totobobo.com http://t.cn/aFymff or in Beijing at the Torana stores, their website is http://t.cn/aFPNew

Dr. Richard St Cyr in Beijing

Weibo is a popular micro-blog platform in China.

Cool Tools review

cool-tools.org, a popular website which provide reviews of innovative new ‘tools’ posted an approving review of Totobobo mask by Pamela Bumsted.

Unique features of Totobobo mask

Unique features of Totobobo mask

This is a new design of respirator which has advantages for mass distribution, emergency preparedness, and multi-ethnic populations. I’ve been using/testing it for 5 or 6 years in the Unorganized Borough in Alaska.

The respirator can be cut with scissors to fit faces properly. Because they are clear, fit is easily ascertained. A clear respirator may mean they are more acceptable culturally (the face is not hidden).

The filters are replaceable. They allow a lot of air to pass through so can be useful in bike riding and outdoor work. They also allow moisture to pass through; I haven’t found the exhaled moisture to be a problem except in subzero temperatures (quite a bit of condensation then).

Instead of storing respirators of every size, only one size needs to be stored for emergency use. One doesn’t need to check sizes before distributing the respirators. Respirators can be cleaned and re-used by the individual (replace filters). I have seen them be used for pandemics, volcanoes, dust, woodworking, and cycling, and I am hoping to continue testing them in Alaska where we have faces from many different populations.

— Pamela Bumsted

About Cool-Tools
Cool tools really work. A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. All reviews on this site are written by readers who have actually used the tool and others like it. Items can be either old or new as long as they are wonderful. We only post things we like and ignore the rest.

Air Lamp at IFFS/AFS Singapore furniture fair 2011

LenDaiYan, furniture and user interface designer at the exhibition, in front of the Air Lamps.

Our new patent pending Air-Lamp, an air filter with integrated lighting device, is currently on exhibition at the Singapore furniture fair 2011. This year I join my friend LenDaiYan to share a stand in the trade fair.

Air Lamp combines the function of air filter and linghting in one single device.
Based on a patent pending technology, Air Lamp provides clean and pollution free air while setting the mood with soothing ambient light.
The concept is now on exhibition at the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2011. Feedback from the show is so far encouraging. We have received serious inquiry from US and Europe as well as several media coverage. Designboom is the first among the media to cover the Air Lamp.

While developing the product for production, we are also looking for potential business partners to produce or market the product. If you know anyone is interested please drop us a note.