Choosing the perfect mask for cycling in the City

Cycling is a mode of transportation that’s growing in popularity and relevance in our Green-Oriented world. Worldwide, the numbers of commuters forgoing motor vehicles and switching over to bicycles are increasingly growing. While riding a bicycle is a healthier alternative when compared to driving or taking a bus, due to it’s difference in physical activity, …

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Compilation: 3rd Party Reviews on Totobobo Mask

It is always important to study a product carefully before buying it, one of the most important thing to take note of are the comments made by other consumers who have purchased the same product. To save you the trouble, we have done up a compilation of the different reviews we have gotten over the …

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3 reasons why Totobobo Masks is the best for children!

“Totobobo is far superior to any other mask on the market. Period!” -Debbie Witte @ Filter + Face seal = Good Protection The basic principle of any mask is very simple: Isolation (Proper Seal) and Filtering. The function of the mask is to force all the air entering the breathing zone through the air …

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使用TSI DustTrak II 检测仪对 Totobobo F96滤片进行测试

最近不少关心Totobobo的用户提到“有调”的口罩测试,其中totobobo的滤片过滤效率只有54%,并不理想。 我们认真阅读了这一个测试,觉得“有调”也是认真地在做事,值得重视。 仔细看下去,按照“有调”的综合报表,事实上totobobo 总的效果并不差,在三个不同测试者脸上,分别达到颇高“密封度”:113(高鼻梁),90(亚洲女性), 及166(亚洲男性)。 以最保守的亚洲女性为例,“密封度”90,表示周边每90粒微粒只有一粒能够进入口罩内。相信若测试时用更适合女性的萌款,效果会更好。 事实上,在40个口罩里 Totobobo 是八个最好的口罩之一,同时也是唯一可以多次使用的口罩。 理论上,过滤效率低下的滤片是不可能达到高密封度的。这一点在整份报表中是显而易见的。其中只有totobobo的结果有违常理。因此我觉得目前“有调”对totobobo 的评价有点矛盾,需要进一步探讨。 因此,我们也使用同一款TSI DustTrak II 检测仪对 Totobobo F96滤片进行了测试,测试气流流速会随着入气口的大小而改变,得到结论如下: 当入气口大时,通过滤片气流接近一般呼吸流速,滤片过滤效率比较高; 当入气口小时,通过滤片气流比一般呼吸流速快十倍,滤片过滤效率比较低。 测试过程请见如下视频: 使用TSI DustTrak II 检测仪对Totobobo F96滤片进行测试 使用TSI DustTrak II 检测仪对Totobobo F96滤片进行测试,并且测试时间持续60秒

Recent reviews of Totobobo mask

Due to the haze issue recently, Totobobo mask received refreshed interests from the Singapore community. Here is a quick list link to some of the reviews: 2015-09-25 Video review of several masks which includes Totobobo, Air+, 3M, Respro and surgical masks, by Willy Foo, Photographer, Marketer, Technopreneur With the haze in Singapore turning bad, the perfect mask depends …

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