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Here is a collection of feedbacks from our users.
Please feel free to add your feedback in the comment session. Let us know if you want to share your photo so that we can post it for you.

Suzanna Tan, Climbing Coach, Singapore
I’m a climbing coach and route setter. I’m able to climb and route set comfortably with a totobobo mask because it is so breathable! The mask keeps me safe not just from viruses but so the dust and chalk particles input sport 🙂

My husband and I really like the mask. It is very breathable, comfortable and easy to maintain. 

I think many people still choose disposable surgical masks because it is more breathable. But the totobobo mask is more breathable than that! And it’s environmentally friendlier. I hope more people will use your mask! On top of these, the totobobo mask is most comfortable too because no part of the mask touches the mouth and nose.

Suzanna Tan, Climbing Coach, Singapore

Marianne Chua, Official Fujifilm X-Photographer
Marianne Chua recently sent us a portrait of her wearing a Totobobo mask.
“I chose the totobobo mask because I liked the eco-friendly reusable factor and the fact you can keep it clean. Also as a glasses wearer, it was crucial for me to have something that didn’t steam them up for my long working hours! “

She is one of the official Fujifilm X-Photographer in the UK. There’s only four of them in the whole of the UK wedding industry! Isn’t it great?
You can see her profile via the links below
W |
FB |
Insta |

Marianne Chua, award winning FujiFilm X-Photographer in UK

Alivia and Kalena
The postal service has been seriously interrupted by the COVID-19. I have been communicating with Sheeka over the email about the serious delay in postage service. She purchased the masks on the 21st of February, 2020 and only got them on the 1st of May! It was a stressful time of waiting for both sides but I felt a big relief when receiving the confirmation of delivery eventually.
Two weeks later, I got this photo – two adorable girls, Olivia and Kalena, they look so happy behind their Totobobo mask! This really makes my day 🙂

Olivia (left) is 7 and Kalena (right) is 6. They love how the Totobobo masks look fashionable but mostly love how comfortable it fits. – Sheeka A.

Travis B., Califonia
“The new masks have arrived in California with my parents, thank you. 
I have a beard. Is it safe to assume that I need to shave when I wear the mask to go to our doctor’s appointment for the baby? (Ans: Yes, better shave)

In Shanghai, I did a bunch of research. I’m a triathlete, and I needed a mask that would help get maximum O2, and The Totobobo seemed best. 
Pros are how well they work for any situation you might be exposed to air risks. I use it for construction and cleaning around our house most often. I feel good after using the mask, it truly filters the air. I have huge sensitivities to toxic fumes, dust, and seasonal allergies. Because of the color change, it’s really easy to tell when the filter is done. 
The three only cons I see are one, the waste of the filters. I compost, so I am wondering if they can be composted. Two, the mask sweats a lot even just sitting and using it. Last, sometimes it takes a lot of work to get the seal around the nose. 
Overall, I feel it does so much more safe filtering than other masks I’ve used in the past.”
– Travis B., Califonia

triathlete  mask
I’m a triathlete, and I needed a mask that would help get maximum O2, and The Totobobo seemed best.

Dr Sam Da Costa adaptation
From time to time we receive some impressive adaptation of our mask. Here is one example from Dr Sam Da Costa. Here is what he said about the new mask he purchased recently:

Hi Francis, 
I felt straight away at home with the new mask. No need to do any moulding of the mask fitted perfectly from day one. 
All I did from personal preference was to fit more elasticated ear straps and add a kind of carrying lanyard to fit around my neck.

Dr Sam Da Costa add a carrying lanyard to his Totobobo mask

Greg’s Totobobo mask since 2014
Greg bought his Totobobo mask in 2014 for cycling trips to China and Jakarta. The mask becomes useful again since the COVID-19 started in 2020. He has to use the mask every day since. Not bad a small long term investment.

“Never knew when I ordered mine 7 years ago to ride in polluted China and Jakarta that I expect it to be worn daily from last year, even when I’m not riding.”
– Greg Choong, Singapore

David from Seattle, USA

“I am thankful that I found the totobobo mask company.
I am an operator of a public transportation bus which serves the public and my exposure to people is very high.
I live in the United States, the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area. There is a side benefit besides preventing COVID-19 and living in an area with some of the cleanest air on the planet.
The used filters are telling me that even here there are many “things” in the air that we breathe.”

“I have had many interactions with the totobobo company due to circumstances surrounding my mask and I walked away knowing that the customer service is outstanding and it is such a pleasure to deal with.”

“I personally recommend this mask versus all the others that I have tried which are numerous.
I could not be happier with my mask.
Thank you to everyone at totobobo.”
– David W. Seattle, USA

David W. Seattle, USA

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Our Kickstarter is 500% funded. Thanks to all the supporters!

Thank you! Because of all of you, Totobobo reached 500% of its funding. Amazing! Keep watch for our updates on the delivery dates.

Totobobo Kickstarter is fully funded with 24 hours!

After 2020, we all know the significance of wearing a mask and the struggle.

It’s uncomfortable, hard to breathe in, fogs glasses and can even cause pain.

However, not with Totobobo Mask.

“The Totobobo mask is super light, easy to breathe, comfortable and can be custom fit the user’s face.” 

Francis Chu, Designer and co-founder

We know there is a better solution. After two generations of product refinement, we are ready to expand our market reach. That is why we initiated the Kickstarter campaign.

Yesterday, we are excited that our campaign was fully funded within 5 hours!

We use British anti-virus technology (BioCote) to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria on the mask. The range of filters (F96, F94, F92) has been tested by Nelson Labs (USA) and shown remarkable performance in terms of filtration efficiency and low breathing resistance. That is the secret behind the ease-of-breathe mask.

At 20 grams, Totobobo is the lightest reusable respirator mask. It comes in one universal size and can be trimmed to fit anyone, whether adult or child.

For more info, please visit our website or the Kickstarter page.

3 reasons why this mask is the best for children?

While we are all focused on the COVID-19 today, it’s important to keep in mind that it may not be the only reason to wear a mask. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing an unsafe level of pollutants. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck us, you probably have seen many people wearing masks in polluted cities. As you can easily understand, children need to be protected as well. In fact, they need them more than adults because their lungs are still under development. Some children with asthma need protection as well.

So, what’s the issue here? It isn’t hard to find a pharmacy that sells masks, but the question is, will they fit and protect your children?

What makes a good mask for children?

When it comes to masks, good protection means a good filter with a good face seal. After all, you need to make sure that the air your child is breathing can only enter through the filters and not through any gaps under the mask. Effective protection only exists when the mask forms a good seal on the user’s face.

Surgical masks, common cloth masks, and the well-known N95 masks are commonly seen these days. However, most people do not know that these masks may not fully protect them or their children. Here’s why:

Surgical Masks

To begin with, surgical masks are not designed to protect users from air pollution. Instead, they were specifically designed to “Protects others from the wearer.” It works as a loose-fitting barrier. While these masks do a great job at preventing droplets from the wearer, they don’t protect you from air pollution or airborne viruses. The gaps between the mask and the user’s face let pollutants and viruses enter easily.

girl wearing cloth mask

 Cloth masks

A cloth mask, similar to a surgical mask, is designed to be loose-fitting and serve pretty much the same purpose of “Protecting others from me.” It does not protect the wearer from airborne viruses or particles. Cloth masks are made of soft fabric, they touch the mouth and gets uncomfortably wet and smelly pretty fast. While it can be washed and reused, it takes a long time to dry.

N95 mask does not fit children

N95 Masks:

N95 masks are made with proper air filtering material. They are also called “Respiratory”. N95 masks do a great job of filtering out pollutants and particles, if, (and that is a big IF) they form a good seal on the user’s face.

It’s important to keep in mind that these masks are only available in adult size and certainly won’t fit children. Besides, there is another issue: there’s no way to check whether an N95 mask is providing a good face seal, unless with professional equipment which is costly and usually only owned by hospitals or big institutes. 

Regarding hygiene, it is not an issue if the N95 mask is used one time only. However, consumers often reuse these disposable N95 masks. The germs and bacteria accumulated on the mask after each use can be a threat to health. A disposable mask can’t be washed and is tough to dry if wet.

Top 3 reasons why the Totobobo mask is better than the rest?

If you understand the issues explained above, you will appreciate the solutions provided by the Totobobo mask. Let’s go through them one by one:

#1: Flexible Size and Shape:

Some masks come in 3 sizes – S, M, and L. However, it is not easy to decide on which size to get without opening the package and letting your child try the mask on. Most shops do not accept returned products as it compromises hygiene. 

What the Totobobo Mask offers is the flexibility to shape and/or trim the mask down according to the child’s face. There is even a template for you to print and construct a “dummy mask” for testing before getting the real mask.

#2: Hygienically Reusable:

The world is getting more polluted and we certainly don’t want to add to the problem by throwing away more disposable masks. The Totobobo mask body is embedded with BioCote®, a silver-based antimicrobial agent. BioCote® technology is known to work against bacteria, mold, fungi, and influenza H1N1 virus. Recently, it has been tested independently and proved effective against a virus from the coronavirus family as well. Plus, the plastic body is easy to clean and dry, reuse is effortless and safe for your children.

#3: Easy Seal Check:

Totobobo masks are made with a transparent material, unlike most masks in the market. With a transparent mask, the user can easily check the seal it provides with a bit of “watermarking”, a patented process. Here’s how:

Here are some of our family users with their children:

Boys from Hong Kong wearing Totobobo mask

Thanks to @Evelyn Liu from Hong Kong for sharing this lovely photo of her kids.

Her family has been using the Totobobo mask for a couple of years. The boys prefer the Totobobo mask over a surgical mask because they said: “Totobobo is more comfortable”. Thanks to the 3D structure, it keeps the filters away from the mouth and they don’t have to “lick” the filters while talking or breathing hard. In addition, they feel the Totobobo mask is easier for breathing as well, thanks to the high-efficient filters.

“The disposable surgical mask gets in their mouths when they talk sometimes, or if they’re touching their lips they will poke them with their lips trying to get it away from their mouth…Or when they’re talking, most kids just….. Have a lot of spit hahaha!” — Evelyn Liu explains problems with a surgical mask.

The Biocote Silver-ion embedded in the mask provides lifetime anti-virus property. That means the mask is safe to reuse even without cleaning. However, the grease from our sweat can degrade the mask over time. Therefore it is important to give it a quick wipe-down after use. Wash the mask with soap and water when changing the filters. With good care and regular cleaning, the mask will provide faithful service for years. Just change the filters and refresh the performance from time to time.

Get Totobobo mask here:

More features of Totobobo mask:

Fake employment agent


We received the following recently and this is a fake letter.
We are not hiring and did not request anyone to hire for us.
We reserve the right to report to the police.

Best regards,
Totobobo Mask

Alföldi Dental System Kft.

Disclaimer: Totobobo mask is not certified as a medical device. The choice by the dentists /Doctors is based on their personal decision.

We all have the feeling that we get more tired after work in the Totobobo masks compared with the surgical masks, so I think we have to do in between some breath-exercises. The Totobobo mask is still much better to wear than the normal FFPs, our skin is less irritated.  Anyway, they say none of the FFPs we get here is real FFP3 🙁 And you never know which sizes you get. Therefore mostly they don’t even fit. We just wear the Totobobo because the size can fit and better comfort for the skin. 
Regarding the size, all the women are wearing M/S, for man the L size. After the measurement, I think some of us women can use the L size, but the small is still fine.

Dr. Tunde, Austria

Sierenan and her mask

We are very pleased to receive this photo of beautiful Sierenan, from her aunt Theresa. Both of them are very happy with the Totobobo masks they received recently and decided to buy more. Theresa told us that the Totobobo mask is the best after trying many different masks!

Big thank to Theresa for permission to publish her comment as follows:

“I thought I’d like the nose clip better but I don’t. I like the one without the clip because I think it fits closer around my nose. I’m African American and have a small/no nose bridge. The clip sits really high on my nose. I’ve bought lots of masks since the pandemic started.
My niece and I love Totobobo the best. “

Theresa P. from Albany, California, United States

Can I use UV light to disinfect Totobobo filters?

– UV is very harmful to the eyes and can cause skin cancer.
– Conceal the UV light inside an enclosed space.
– Do not allow children or pet approach when the UV light is turned on.
– Some UV light generates ozone, which is harmful to the lungs.

Recently, we have received a couple of emails from our customers with the same question.

Can I use UV light to disinfect the Totobobo filters for reuse?
Does the UV light kill the filter’s effectiveness?

These are interesting questions that we have yet to explore. UV-C devices (tube or LED) for decontamination are not difficult to find nowadays. However, there is an obvious concern that UV exposure may degrade the plastic filter material and it may kill the static charges embedded in the filter media, reducing its’ filtration efficiency. After all, we all have seen how plastic turns brittle after long exposure under sunlight. What if the UV device turns the filter media brittle? or somehow reduces the static charges in the fabric?

We decided to do a simple test to find out how does the UV light affects the filtration efficiency of the filter media?
We use an off-the-shelf UV lightbox and conducted a simple exposure test on our filters (F94, F96, and Pro99).

The procedures of the tests as follows:

1: Perform a quantitative fit-test (TSI PortaCount Pro) and record down the result (fit factor=x) before exposing the filters under UV.
2: Expose the filters under the UV lights
3: Mount filters onto the mask
4: Conduct the quantitative fit-test again under the same condition.
5: compare the result before and after the UV exposure

How does the PortaCount machine works?
The PORTACOUNT measures the concentration of these particles around the person’s head and then measures the concentration of those particles that leak into the respirator.
The ratio of these two numbers is the “fit factor”. A fit factor of 100, for example, means that the air inside the respirator is 100 times cleaner than the air outside.

TSI PortaCount

Remember, the main concern we had was whether the UV exposure would in some way deteriorate the filter’s electrostatic charge and degrades the efficiency and mechanical property. Read more below to find out!

We started the test off with a 1-hour UV exposure, to our surprise, the fit factor remained at the top level (200+), same as before the UV exposure.
The fit-factor is determined by two parameters, (1) how well the mask fits the face, and (2) the filtration efficiency of the filter media. Since the first parameter is fixed (same person, same mask), a change of the fit-factor would indicate a change of the filtration efficiency.

We decided to push it further, to a longer time frame of 3 hours. The results remained the same, showing the filters are holding the performance at the top-level even after 3 full hours of exposure to strong UV light.

Encouraged by the results we’ve gotten for the previous 2 tests, we decided to go another step further. We let the UV rays shine upon the 3 different sets of filters for an additional 2 hours, accumulated a total of 5 hours of UV exposure, and then perform the test again. The results remain the same! These filters are as good as new after a 5-hour under very strong UV radiation.

Frankly, we were quite surprised and impressed by the performances. Initially, we thought the UV radiation would destroy the filters and degrade its filtration performance. It turns out that the filtration efficiency is not really affected by UV light exposure.

In conclusion, filter efficiency is not likely to be affected by a few hours of UV exposure. (e.g. germicidal UV-C light) Such duration is more than enough to provide 4-5 times of 15 minutes UV-C decontamination sessions.

For additional safety, we recommend changing the filters after each visit to a high-risk area (i.e. crowded hospital). Disinfect the used filter with UV-C and rest for a minimum of 3 days in a clean space before reuse.

– UV is very harmful to the eyes and can cause skin cancer.
– Conceal the UV light inside an enclosed space.
– Do not allow children or pet approach when the UV light is turned on.
– Some UV light generates ozone, which is harmful to the lungs.

Reference reading:
Addressing COVID-19 Face Mask Shortages [v1.1]
Evaluation of Five Decontamination Methods for FFPs
FB: Open source COVID19 medical supply

Brave and happy Austrian dentists

Healthcare workers are the unsounded hero of the ongoing war against the COVID-19 virus. Here in Totobobo, we are glad to be able to play a small part to bring happiness to this team of Austrian dentists. The story unfolded as illustrated in the following email exchange.

2020-03-30 from Dr Tünde Alföldi, Austria
Hi, we’re dentists in Hungary and Austria. We’re at high risk because we spread saliva in the air during the procedure, and we have the Covid-19 in our countries. To buy medical masks is impossible, so we look for an alternative solution to protect our team. Which filters should we buy?  Thanks

2020-03-30 from Francis (totobobo)
For the highest protection, we suggest the PRO filter, which is N99 equivalent.
The PRO filter unit:
The PRO filter refill sheets:
I need to highlight the differences between the Totobobo mask, N95, and surgical mask:
There are pros and cons.
A published pilot study by the Prince of Wales Hospital indicates Totobobo mask is able to fit more people than the N95 mask (70% vs 40%) which is important for providing effective protection. However, when the mask is well fitted, N95 mask provides a higher level of protection than Totobobo (scoring 193 vs 133, where 100 is the passing mark).
Large size is suitable for men. Medium/small size is suitable for most women.
You can use the “Size chart” for a quick check:
If you need a more accurate size estimation, please download and print this template, to make a simple paper dummy mask. That allows you to check and compare the two sizes physically.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards, Francis

2020-03-30 from Tünde Alföldi dr
Dear Francis, I`ve measured our team as you’ve sent me the form, we would need 4 big (L) TT-01 and 4 small TT-02 (S). This is not enough for all the team in Austria and Hungary, but in case we could preorder that amount would be great, and if you have more for delivery then we would like to order more. Do you mean replacing the filter after one day or after each patient? I have an Ozone machine, do you think instead of UV we can sterilize with that the filter? Thank you again and I`m so happy that you help us! Kind regards Tünde

2020-03-30 from Francis
Hi Tünde,
I’m not familiar with the Ozone machine and its effects. If it can disinfect a normal N95 mask without damage, then it should be fine.
Ideally, you need to change the filter each time coming out from the ICU. However, if the resource is extremely limited, you can use the filter for the whole day. You need to be especially careful not to move between virus-carrying patients and other patients to avoid cross-infection. 

2020-04-15 from Dr Tünde Alföldi
Dear Francis,
We just got the masks yesterday because the Austrian custom did not want to let it through because we‘re not importers. But finally after paying a high custom and having long arguments we got it!
Thank you for your help!
Let me know when it‘s possible to buy more masks and filters, please!
Kind regards

2020-04-15 from Francis (Totobobo)
Dear Tünde,
Wow, thank you for this cool picture, you look very professional! (is there a face shield flipped up?)
Do let me know how your team thinks about the mask/filter. I’m eager to know.
Stay safe and take care,


2020-04-17 from Dr Tünde Alföldi
On the photo it‘s my husband:), and it‘s a face shield extra over the face. In case you want to advertise that you help doctors feel free to use that picture, we‘re very grateful to you! We got from the Austrian government 6 pieces of FFP3 masks for the whole surgery (we‘re 7 people), and they said you can steam-sterilize it- which actually could deform them, and they gave it only in one size, in the biggest, so it‘s mostly not fitting on the assistants’ face. In the shops they don‘t sell any FFP3s, so to get more it‘s impossible.

Everybody in our surgery says that compared with the FFPs they can breathe much better in the Totobobo mask, and you can stand it for more hours wearing it! And of course, you can fit it to your face, not like the oversize FFPs. So we are happy and we could start to work again, not leaving our patients in pain!

Dr Tünde Alföldi, Alföldi Dental System Kft., Austria

I send a picture of myself in your mask at work, your company can post it if you want, I´m grateful that I have Totobobo mask. In Hungary and in Austria they sell for dentists hand-sewed textile masks (one layer) and simple medical face masks for 10-times higher prices like usual.  I send you a picture of their offer that you see how incredible it is. In Austria they want to restart the schools in the middle of May,  I would order for my children masks-which filter you would recommend for that purpose?
Kind regards, Francis, we are really thankful for you!