Respro outside, Totobobo inside?

We received many feedback regarding the experience of using Totobobo mask. Most of our users like the comfort of Totobobo mask and the ease of breathing, some also commented on the ease of use and cleaning. Many also talked about how effective is the filters. From time to time there is someone come up with very special and truly innovative ideas, like the following from David:

I cycle alot in Toronto – about 10,000 km per year. I like the technology of the (Totobobo) filters and the mask stays dry unlike the techno which was too wet in the summer time. One funny thing is that I have kept and use the (Respro) techno mask and use without the filters as a cover for the totobobo mask – because the techno looks much better with cycling gear – and so I use the techno as a cover over the totobobo which looks to much like a lab mask to me.

David Harris

David Harris, Toronto, Canada.

Feedback from John Stopper, UK

It is the best performing mask I have found.

The main reason I have chosen Totobo mask is the fact that it is easy to wear as you don’t really know you are wearing a mask once you have had it on for a couple of minutes and also it has a really good facial fit. Also, it has a low breathing resistance and so can be worn for long periods of time. I should also add that the filtration achieved by Totobobo mask is very good indeed.

Your product is absolutely brilliant and I shall be a long term user and customer.

Please feel free to quote my comments in your blog, I am very happy for that.

Thanks again and Kind Regards.

John Stopper, Lincolnshire, UK