Totobobo Mask – Defend your family and yourselves from Air Pollution!

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Air pollution mask that can fit children easily, protect your family and friends.
Totobobo fits children, customise to fit, mask for children.
Totobobo fits children, customise to fit, mask for children.
Trim to fit ensures a proper fitting for children mask.
Let your child breathe clean and free, children mask.
Worldwide distributor, 54 countries, made in Singapore, Totobobo worldwide.
Used totobobo mask, filter color chart.
Totobobo mask benefits, clean lungs, easy breathing, comfortable.
Totobobo PRO filter, uses original body, only have to purchase filter. High filtration and efficiency, easy to breathe. Sportsmask for sportsmen and sportwomen.
Totobobo PRO filter, made for sports, high filtration and efficiency, universal fit.
Totobobo mask, environmental friendly, skin friendly, customizable, suitable for all ages, children friendly, get Totobobo mask now.

Air Pollution mask for Adults and Children, users of all ages! Protect yourselves from the pollutants, don’t let them enter your lungs!

Your number 1 choice and protection for air pollution! Suitable for cycling, running and other exercises. High quality respirator for your daily needs, be it traveling to air polluted cities or you just want to breathe with a peace of mind. Comparable with N95, N99, 3M, Respro, Vogmask, etc.

Our mask wins in on factor, customization. If it doesn’t fit, make it fit! Our simple yet useful VSC (Visual Seal Check) allows our users to be able to check on the fitting of the mask and customize it accordingly to their facial features. We understand that some users have a high nose bridge or a wider jaw, therefore our mask is highly versatile in terms of customization. Another point is how easy it fits on children, some masks out there on the market are effective but most are unable to fit children of age 5-12 years old, our mask can do it without any hassle, you can trim it down for users with a smaller face! Comes in 2 sizes, L (mainly for men) and S (mainly for Women and children).

Thailand’s Air quality index has been really bad recently, find out more here @ Thailand Air Pollution

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