Air Pollution in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Bangkok On Red Alert as Fine Particles From Haze Could Enter Lungs, People Urged to Wear Masks

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Air pollution, something that is not new to any one of us that are living in urban areas. Causes may vary from vehicle exhaust smogs and burning waste from industrial places, or can also be caused by natural phenomenons, such as a sandstorm. Places such as China, India, bustling cities of New York and UK, are not new to air pollution. However, the hot topic recently brings our attention to the land of smiles, Thailand.

Thailand, well known for its delicacies, islands and beaches and many other good reasons, has been recently infamous for one reason, Air pollution. It isn’t a new thing for them, but has been recently worsened in the past 2 months. Government urged citizens to wear masks, school are closed due to the bad air, tourists are advised to postpone their trips. There isn’t much that we can do to improve their situation, the least you can do, is to protect yourselves from the hazardous air.

Also, the fine particles discharged from the transportation and manufacturing industry are making the scene worse. As of now, the city of Bangkok and areas around it are engulfed in smog and haze, which has reduced the visibility to just one kilometre in certain areas.

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Despite the horrendous air qualities, citizen’s lives still carry on, cars have to continue moving, industries have to carry on with their work, which won’t help and may even worsen the situation. Inhaling all these toxic particles at such a high rate can prove fatal to the people there.

Environmental-health expert Sonthi Kotchawat pointed out that since the fine particles can enter the bloodstream, people who are exposed to it are at risk of developing respiratory diseases, lung cancer, heart disease and possibly stroke.  

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One way to best protect yourself from the pollution, is to wear a mask wherever you go, even in homes without air purifiers, it is advisable to wear them. It is not easy to look for a mask which provides both protection and comfort at the same time, brands such as Vogmask, 3M, etc. are one of the few masks that are popular worldwide, however, there is one factor that they are usually unable to tackle, is the ability to fit children or users with a small face.

Fret not, Totobobo Masks are able to satisfy your needs. From comfort to usability, our masks are able to fulfill the criteria. Our filters are laboratory tested and certified to filter out PM2.5 particles and other tiny micron pollutants. With a flexible and re-shapeable body, our masks are able to fit a wide variety of facial structures and sizes, most importantly, children’s faces. If the masks is too big, you can always trim the sides down to your desired size, if the body doesn’t sit on your face properly, you can always re-shape it with hot water, best of all, you are able to check if it fits properly with the easy VSC (Visual Seal Check) that we have came up with for you!

Air pollution mask that can fit children easily, protect your family and friends.

Children and elderlies are especially prone to air pollution due to their weaker immune system, compared to young healthy adults. Therefore, don’t wait anymore, before the pollutants get into your lungs, get your family and yourself a TOTOBOBO mask today!

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