Using Totobobo SuperCool mask in Hanoi, Vietnam

I have been using Totobobo masks for 4 years now while living in Hanoi, Vietnam. The air pollution on the roads and in the winter is quite bad here, but Totobobo masks work great to cut down my exposure while riding my motorbike around the city and on longer trips. I prefer the β€œsupercool” style … Continue reading “Using Totobobo SuperCool mask in Hanoi, Vietnam”

Mike Mc Carthy and his experience with SuperCool mask

Finding a suitable air filter mask for cycling is often not an easy task. Cycling posts many challenges to mask wearing: restriction of air flow, uncomfortable heat built up inside the mask, uncomfortable straps, goggle fogging, or the extra bulk to carry when the mask in not being used. I hope the following post will … Continue reading “Mike Mc Carthy and his experience with SuperCool mask”

Philippines: Cool picture of SuperCool

Thanks to Al Castillo from Manila, we got this cool picture from him: ”Based on the color of the filters which I used only for a day, it filters well.” Al is part of the Tiklop Society of the Philippines, Tiklop- meaning folding, TSP is a folding bike riding group. On the 7th of August the group … Continue reading “Philippines: Cool picture of SuperCool”

SuperCool respirator review by product design student

“I have to say, the SuperCool looks neat! It’s petite, slim and foldable for easy transportation. The transparency has a friendly feel but its only once you put it on that you realise how unobtrusive the SuperCool really is, to look at and wear.”

What Ross say about the Totobobo SuperCool?

A big thanks to Ross for providing his first hand experience with the SuperCool mask. You can follow Ross at twitter SuperCool mask helps Ross to cut down air pollution while cycling in traffic, Photo by Ross, L.A. USA ————————————————– The SuperCool mask is great hands down. I don’t work for Totobobo nor am I … Continue reading “What Ross say about the Totobobo SuperCool?”

Why Totobobo SuperCool mask sucks? Traffic fume!

Cyclists and Motorcyclists! If you are looking for a pollution mask that really sucks, your long awaiting search has come to an end. The new pollution mask from TOTOBOBO, called SuperCool mask, is designed to suck more, traffic fume that is— leaving only the clean air for your lung. Its high efficient filter keeps the … Continue reading “Why Totobobo SuperCool mask sucks? Traffic fume!”

SuperCool- the Coolest Cycling mask

TOTOBOBO SuperCool is the perfect filter mask for cycling and outdoor sports in polluted cities. This innovative respirator covers only the mouth. By removing the nasal cover from the original design, you can exhale easier through the nostrils without filling the mask with uncomfortable heat and moisture. The SuperCool mask is truly the coolest breathing … Continue reading “SuperCool- the Coolest Cycling mask”

Nomad Travellers test Totobobo Mask

Davide and Oti reminds me of Herves and Goska. Both team were of Nomad Travellers While in Singapore we were lucky enough to be accepted by Mr Francis Chu to visit Totobobo mask’s headquarters in Singapore and get to test live some samples of his invention. We were able to understand a little bit better the … Continue reading “Nomad Travellers test Totobobo Mask”