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Here is a collection of feedbacks from our users.
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Suzanna Tan, Climbing Coach, Singapore
I’m a climbing coach and route setter. I’m able to climb and route set comfortably with a totobobo mask because it is so breathable! The mask keeps me safe not just from viruses but so the dust and chalk particles input sport 🙂

My husband and I really like the mask. It is very breathable, comfortable and easy to maintain. 

I think many people still choose disposable surgical masks because it is more breathable. But the totobobo mask is more breathable than that! And it’s environmentally friendlier. I hope more people will use your mask! On top of these, the totobobo mask is most comfortable too because no part of the mask touches the mouth and nose.

Suzanna Tan, Climbing Coach, Singapore

Marianne Chua, Official Fujifilm X-Photographer
Marianne Chua recently sent us a portrait of her wearing a Totobobo mask.
“I chose the totobobo mask because I liked the eco-friendly reusable factor and the fact you can keep it clean. Also as a glasses wearer, it was crucial for me to have something that didn’t steam them up for my long working hours! “

She is one of the official Fujifilm X-Photographer in the UK. There’s only four of them in the whole of the UK wedding industry! Isn’t it great?
You can see her profile via the links below
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Marianne Chua, award winning FujiFilm X-Photographer in UK

Alivia and Kalena
The postal service has been seriously interrupted by the COVID-19. I have been communicating with Sheeka over the email about the serious delay in postage service. She purchased the masks on the 21st of February, 2020 and only got them on the 1st of May! It was a stressful time of waiting for both sides but I felt a big relief when receiving the confirmation of delivery eventually.
Two weeks later, I got this photo – two adorable girls, Olivia and Kalena, they look so happy behind their Totobobo mask! This really makes my day 🙂

Olivia (left) is 7 and Kalena (right) is 6. They love how the Totobobo masks look fashionable but mostly love how comfortable it fits. – Sheeka A.

Travis B., Califonia
“The new masks have arrived in California with my parents, thank you. 
I have a beard. Is it safe to assume that I need to shave when I wear the mask to go to our doctor’s appointment for the baby? (Ans: Yes, better shave)

In Shanghai, I did a bunch of research. I’m a triathlete, and I needed a mask that would help get maximum O2, and The Totobobo seemed best. 
Pros are how well they work for any situation you might be exposed to air risks. I use it for construction and cleaning around our house most often. I feel good after using the mask, it truly filters the air. I have huge sensitivities to toxic fumes, dust, and seasonal allergies. Because of the color change, it’s really easy to tell when the filter is done. 
The three only cons I see are one, the waste of the filters. I compost, so I am wondering if they can be composted. Two, the mask sweats a lot even just sitting and using it. Last, sometimes it takes a lot of work to get the seal around the nose. 
Overall, I feel it does so much more safe filtering than other masks I’ve used in the past.”
– Travis B., Califonia

triathlete  mask
I’m a triathlete, and I needed a mask that would help get maximum O2, and The Totobobo seemed best.

Dr Sam Da Costa adaptation
From time to time we receive some impressive adaptation of our mask. Here is one example from Dr Sam Da Costa. Here is what he said about the new mask he purchased recently:

Hi Francis, 
I felt straight away at home with the new mask. No need to do any moulding of the mask fitted perfectly from day one. 
All I did from personal preference was to fit more elasticated ear straps and add a kind of carrying lanyard to fit around my neck.

Dr Sam Da Costa add a carrying lanyard to his Totobobo mask

Greg’s Totobobo mask since 2014
Greg bought his Totobobo mask in 2014 for cycling trips to China and Jakarta. The mask becomes useful again since the COVID-19 started in 2020. He has to use the mask every day since. Not bad a small long term investment.

“Never knew when I ordered mine 7 years ago to ride in polluted China and Jakarta that I expect it to be worn daily from last year, even when I’m not riding.”
– Greg Choong, Singapore

David from Seattle, USA

“I am thankful that I found the totobobo mask company.
I am an operator of a public transportation bus which serves the public and my exposure to people is very high.
I live in the United States, the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area. There is a side benefit besides preventing COVID-19 and living in an area with some of the cleanest air on the planet.
The used filters are telling me that even here there are many “things” in the air that we breathe.”

“I have had many interactions with the totobobo company due to circumstances surrounding my mask and I walked away knowing that the customer service is outstanding and it is such a pleasure to deal with.”

“I personally recommend this mask versus all the others that I have tried which are numerous.
I could not be happier with my mask.
Thank you to everyone at totobobo.”
– David W. Seattle, USA

David W. Seattle, USA

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