Our Kickstarter is 500% funded. Thanks to all the supporters!

Thank you! Because of all of you, Totobobo reached 500% of its funding. Amazing! Keep watch for our updates on the delivery dates.

Totobobo Kickstarter is fully funded with 24 hours!

After 2020, we all know the significance of wearing a mask and the struggle.

It’s uncomfortable, hard to breathe in, fogs glasses and can even cause pain.

However, not with Totobobo Mask.

“The Totobobo mask is super light, easy to breathe, comfortable and can be custom fit the user’s face.” 

Francis Chu, Designer and co-founder

We know there is a better solution. After two generations of product refinement, we are ready to expand our market reach. That is why we initiated the Kickstarter campaign.

Yesterday, we are excited that our campaign was fully funded within 5 hours!


We use British anti-virus technology (BioCote) to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria on the mask. The range of filters (F96, F94, F92) has been tested by Nelson Labs (USA) and shown remarkable performance in terms of filtration efficiency and low breathing resistance. That is the secret behind the ease-of-breathe mask.

At 20 grams, Totobobo is the lightest reusable respirator mask. It comes in one universal size and can be trimmed to fit anyone, whether adult or child.

For more info, please visit our website or the Kickstarter page.