Fighting coronavirus with DIY ideas

Call for entry of DIY ideas to reduce exposure of coronavirus:
We are giving away 10 sheets of high-efficient filters to anyone come up with an idea to turn it into a design to help prevent coronavirus. We will also select some of the more promising ideas to publish here so more people can learn from the best. Please check our FaceBook page for how to join.

“Coronavirus could be spread by air-conditioning and may be more contagious than previously thought, scientists believe after finding traces of the virus in hospital air-duct.”- reported by DailyMail

In 2003 during the SARS crisis, the worst affected building was the Amoy Garden at Kowloon Bay. The virus was spreading to a cluster of bathrooms sharing the same drainage pipe.

Here is an example DIY project for a “bathroom drainage cover” to prevent the airborne virus from spreading through the share drainage pipe to your unit.
The main components are the filter sheet and a plastic holder, which can be converted from any takeaway plastic box. You can use tape and/or rubber band to wrap the filter over the opening and sealed. Air coming from the drainage hole will be filtered by the filter before it can enter the bathroom. There can be a tiny bit of leakage at the base of the plastic box but most of the air will be filtered. The key is to reduce a significant portion of the virus and reduce the potential damage.

The photos are self-explanatory. If there is any question please leave a comment below. I’ll try to answer asap.

Cut a hole on the bottom of the plastic box. 
(The filter sheet is the white roll near the bottom)
Cut a hole on the bottom of the plastic box.
(The filter sheet is the white roll near the bottom)
The filter box next to the drainage hole.
The filter box covering the drainage hole, stopping the virus from entering the bathroom.

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