PRO filter from Jorge, Bogota, Colombia

Jorge cycling in Bogota, Colombia

Thanks to Jorge from Bogota, Colombia, for sending us the awesome photos and allowing us to share his comments here.

Jorge purchased a set of Cycling pack including a set of PRO filter and told us he has been using the F94 filters before. He bought the PRO filters as an upgrade to improve the protection.


the F94 filter turn really dark in a couple of weeks.

Jorge sent the photo of used F94 filters
“I am using the normal filters but in 15 days I will try the PRO filter.”

Hello Francis:
6 weeks ago I started using PRO filter.  I noted more air flowed through the mask because I felt the air colder.
Please find attached some photos after changing the PRO filter with new ones.
Also, I changed fabric straps with rubber straps, I felt fabric straps too loose.
It is incredible how the PRO filters got dark on the outside but inside they are clean, that is proof they are making their job.
I did not find any disadvantage on PRO filter.

Bike to Work route of Jorge, Bogota, Colombia


Jorge answers to my questions:

– How long have you been using them to get this black? 
I used PRO filter about 6 weeks

– Where did you use them? 
I used them at Bogotá Colombia

– What kind of activities does it allow you to do when wearing the mask? 
I used to ride a bike.  I ride 11 km from house to work and 11 km from work to the house.

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