Thailand, Bangkok, “From Crisis to Solution”

It was the end of the Lunar New Year and it didn’t spare our neighboring country, Thailand, from the air pollution. The authorities were concerned as well as the citizens and the tourists who were traveling there. During this critical period of time, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation decided to invite us over to give a seminar and a demonstration of Totobobo Mask in Bangkok.

We decided to name the event, “Air Pollution: From Crisis to Solution.”

Photos before the event:

Francis Chu, the inventor of Totobobo Mask.
Receiving the interview from the media crew arranged by art4d and the Thai Health Foundation

Photos from the seminar “Air Pollution: from Crisis to Solution”.

Demonstration of Totobobo mask in Bangkok:

After the speech, we proceeded to explain how the TSI Portacount Pro fit-tester works and asked for volunteers who wish to participate. We are thankful for the volunteers (Mr. Apiphu and May) who came forward and help us demonstrate how Totobobo mask can be ReShaped to fit, and validate the result with the Portacount Pro.
First Mr. Apiphu wanted to test his own cloth mask. We use the Portacount Pro and obtain a Fit Factor of ~3, which is similar to surgical mask. Then we tested the Totobobo mask he brought with him, The Fit Factor was initially 12 before ReShape and improved to 200+ after ReShape, that demonstrate how important the ReShape function for improving the protection is. Finally we change the F96 filter on Mr. Apiphu’s Totobobo mask with a pair of cotton pad. The Fit Factor dropped to 2.5 immediately! That shows the significance of choosing the right filter for the job.

To finish the day off, we had 2 really cute kids who came up to try out with us too!

All in all, we would like to thank the Thai Health Promotion Foundation for inviting us over to share our story with and demonstrate Totobobo mask features to our users in Bangkok! We would also like to thank the media co-ordinator art4d for planning out the event in such a short period of time!

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