Totobobo for little Chows and family

Chow’s family and Totobobo mask

renowned photographer Steven Chow and his wife, Lin Hui Yi (Economist) are long-time users of Totobobo mask since they moved to Beijing. Under the title “Chow and Lin”, they produced many interesting and meaningful works, including the exhibition “Poverty line”, a collection of photos showing “What Eating At The Poverty Line Is Like Around The World.
Living in Beijing, Mrs Chow often goes about her daily life and brings her kids around on a bicycle. For protection from air-pollution, she loves the practicality of Totobobo mask and has been using it since 2011. However, she could not find a mask that can fit her kids properly. After hearing her concern, I offer to customise two Totobobo masks for the “little Chows”. I follow Steven’s facebook and was delighted to to know the little Chows like their customised Totobobo mask! Thanks to Stefen for the permission to republish his post here:

Stefen Chow
12 May at 12:07 · Beijing, China ·
Beijing Air is crappy at 270 today, but screw this. We are still going out to play.

We do feel protected – Totobobo Mask sent us specially customized masks for our toddlers. Thank you Uncle Francis!

Thank you Uncle Francis Chu from Totobobo Mask for customizing face masks for our Little Chows!

Stefen Chow
12 May at 10:42 · Beijing, China ·
It has been a slightly dreadful day where the air quality is about 270.

Not ideal, and seem crazy to some of our friends, but at least we are properly protected.

Source: Facebook

If you are curious about Chow and Lin’s work please visit this link: