Recent reviews of Totobobo mask

Due to the haze issue recently, Totobobo mask received refreshed interests from the Singapore community. Here is a quick list link to some of the reviews:

2015-09-25 Video review of several masks which includes Totobobo, Air+, 3M, Respro and surgical masks, by Willy Foo, Photographer, Marketer, Technopreneur

Willy Foo Photographer, Technopreneur reviewing Totobobo mask

Willy Foo Photographer, Technopreneur reviewing Totobobo mask

With the haze in Singapore turning bad, the perfect mask depends on the fit to each individuals face as much as the N95 compliance. I test several masks to see which is the most effective.


2015-09-27 Normad Travellers (Davide and Oti) extensive analysis of Totobobo mask and personal experience of using the mask:

Oti applying water on her face to prepare for watermark seal check, a patented feature of Totobobo mask

Oti applying water on her face to prepare for watermark seal check, a patented feature of Totobobo mask


We have started using our Totobobo masks, and changed the filters for the first time after 7 days of usage in Malaysia, plagued by the haze coming from Indonesia. So far we are satisfied, it works well and the filters are getting gray as expected!

2015-10-07 Detail analysis of Totobobo mask with back ground information of haze, by Ngoh Seh Suan

Totobobo is an popular respirator within local leisure cycling communities – because Francis is a green commuter himself, using his bicycles whenever he can and promoting safety through road/infrastructure design. And safety through design was really the theme behind the Totobobo, although he has not said it before openly about the concept of his Totobobo respirator.

2015-09-14 1843 hr From an adjacent block to mine, a panoramic photo shows the obvious drop in air quality.
I’ve bought my first Totobobo way back in June 2011, when the haze that year was still around the June period. I bought my second set in Q1 2014, to meant to replace the very first set, which to date in September 2015, I have yet to decommission as it could be a standby unit in case I lose the newer unit. I bought my Moldex initially in March 2014, during a short-lived haze period while I used the my second set of Totobobo.

2015-10-06 Combating the Singapore haze and air pollution with the Totobobo mask, by Lifestyle runner blogger Pris Chew

Lifestyle blogger Pris Chew running with Totobobo mask

Lifestyle blogger Pris Chew running with Totobobo mask


2015-10-25 Professional review by A Cup Of Milk

Testing fit-factor of F96 and cotton pad. F96=200, cotton pad = 2.3. F96 is nearly 100 times more protective than cotton pad.

Testing fit-factor of F96 and cotton pad. F96=200, cotton pad = 2.3.
F96 is nearly 100 times more protective than cotton pad.

Totobobo mask has a good feature where you can customize the mask (and the ear loop) by reshaping it with hot water / hair dryer. This is a very crucial feature, a mask that do not fit your face is not an effective mask at all. The rim of the mask is integrated with silver ion which is an anti-microbial agent.
Another good point it’s reusable, you just need to change the filter. When it gets dirty you can wash them.


DIY emergency Air filter

Project Oxygen:

DIY air filter, you need a water bottle, 2 T shirt, 2 pieces of threads, and a knife.

Oxygen is always in the air even under heavy smoke, the problem is that the air is contaminated by smoke from the forest fire.  A good fitting respirator, such as N95 mask, to filter out the smoke particles is a common solution. However, under emergency situation, it may not be possible to distribute N95 masks to all who needs it. Further more, even if the mask is available, it is not easy to ensure it is fitting correctly. A non-fitting N95 mask is not effective.

Here is a simple idea to transform readily available material into an air filter, which is able to filter the air for breathing safely.

To create this DIY air filter, you need a couple of T-shirts and a plastic water bottle plus a couple of strings. Based on our test with a professional machine (Portacount Pro 8038) such DIY filter is able to reduce air pollution up to 40 folds, achieving a filtration efficiency similar to N95 masks. It is capable of bringing down the fine particles (PM2.5, PM10) from super hazardous level (PSI 1000) to moderate (PSI 75).

Instruction video

Link to YouTube video

Here is a step by step guide:

How to DIY a personal air filter from water bottle and T shirts?
1) Cut some holes in the middle section of a water bottle
2) Fold up and roll a couple of T-shirt around the water bottle. (the one in the following video create 20 layer of fabric)
3) Tight the top and bottom part with a string to seal the gaps
4) suck air from the water bottle.
5) breathing mouth in, nose out.
Working principle:
Polluted air enters the bottle through the many layers of T Shirts material. Most fine particles will be trapped in between the many (20+) layers of fabric. We measured with a professional machine and the pollution can be reduced by 40 times (97.5% filtration efficiency). This is equals to bring the PSI down from 1000 to 75, a substantial improvement of air quality from readily available material on hand.

Fig. 1 Working principle of the DIY water bottle air filter


DIY air filter cuts down pollution by 40 folds (97.5% filtration efficiency), bringing down the PSI from super hazardous 1000 to moderate 75.



Working principle + finished sample of DIY air filter

If you feel this idea is useful for someone you know, please share. Here is link to a PDF file for printing to share:  water-bottle-air-filter.  If you have more ideas or suggestions, please let me know in the comment as well.

Note: The idea of DIY water bottle air filter has been demonstrated in our Lab in Singapore to show that it is effective to cut down air pollution. However different fabric material has different filtration characteristic. This idea has not been certified by any authority. User agree to take own responsibility for the use of the idea.

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