Totobobo mentioned in Bloomberg news

Source: Bloomberg News 2013-04-17
Face Masks
Beijing Tongrentang (600085), which makes a product extracted from ban lan gen, said in an e-mail that the outbreak of H7N9 has boosted sales, but didn’t provide numbers. The company’s shares increased 1.9 percent to a two-week high of 22.20 yuan at the close of trading in Shanghai today.
Francis Chu, the Singapore-based inventor of the totobobo face mask, said he’s fielded more than 20 inquiries about the pollution-filtering equipment’s effectiveness against bird flu since the start of April. Sales are up eight-fold from the same period last year.
“Earlier in the year, most of the increased orders from China were because of the air pollution,” Chu said in a telephone interview. “Sales are still increasing, but now it’s because of worries about bird flu.”
Beyond anecdotal evidence, the surge is hard to quantify. Pharmaceutical companies reaped at least $10 billion in sales of vaccines and antivirals globally as a result of the 2009 swine flu outbreak, according to data compiled by Bloomberg at the time. It’s too early to tell whether H7N9 will touch off another pandemic.

Totobobo reviewed in Daily Vitamin

Image: Daily Vitamin

Daily Vitamin is a popular Chinese blog focusing on lifestyle tips in China.
The reportor has been eyeing on Totobobo mask for sometime and finally decided to do a review because of the air pollution in Beijing. His verdict:

1. Light weight and easy to breath.
2. Good fit, customizable size.
3. Easy to detect pollution captured on the filter.
4. Eye catching design.

1. Expensive
2. water condensation
3. marks on the face due to tight fit

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