How to remove the filter lock ring?

Some users reported they break the plastic ring that lock the filter in place. Here is a photo showing how to remove the lock ring without breaking it.

The trick is to press on the inside of the lock ring while lifting the tab at the outside. This technique effective “bending” the entire plastic parts. The ring will come out naturally without a lot of force pulling at the tab.

Air Quality Index in China and Asia

Recently the air pollution in Beijing has become a world wide topic. Just two weeks ago, Beijing has recorded the worst pollution days in 20 years. Air Quality Index shot through the roof and the government issue warning to ask the public stay at home. stands for Air-Quality-Index-China, which is a very useful site providing live data of air quality index in China and some parts of Asia.

If you are travelling to China, quickly check this site for the latest AQI report of your destination. Better to be prepared.