Do you have problem trimming your totobobo mask?

Download the Totobobo simulator to avoid this issue beblow

Do you have a problem cutting the Totobobo mask?

One of the unique features of Totobobo mask is the possibility to be customized to suit different face sizes. However, sometime users may have a problem doing that.

Here is an example from Nicole S, from San Francisco, she wrote to us last week:

Dear Sharon and Totobobo Staff,

The masks arrived on time- thanks.

Unfortunately though, even with adjusting the size by cutting, there is a 1 inch gap on either side of my nose where air comes in. (I don’t have a particularly large nose or anything!)
The plastic is a lot stiffer than I thought it would be, and instead of bending to the contours of my face it cuts sharply into my nose ridge, cheeks and chin- very uncomfortable and leaving lines on my face. I tried adjusting to different tightnesses and it’s still uncomfortable and has air gaps. The rubber doesn’t bend outwards and cuts into skin!

Am very disappointed but want to know if you have any tips?
The only thing I can think of is taping tissue on the nose ridge and then trying to tape some kind of softer rubber to the part on either side of my nose, but this is a construction project I don’t have time for.

It seems like it could be made of the rubber type that swim goggles are made of and it would be A LOT better fit and easier on the skin! I would definitely pay more to have better rubber material, if that’s what’s preventing Totobobo from doing this.
I will post this on the website but will wait first to hear back from you to see if you have any info for me about these problems with the mask.

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Nicole also attached a few photo to help explain her problem.

Do you have any suggestion to Nicole?

At this condition, unfortunately,¬†the mask has been cut too much and can’t come back. The only option now is to convert the mask to only cover the mouth, aka the SuperCool style, which is not a bad option if you can adapt to breathing in only through the mouth, similar to the breathing method as you are swimming.

Our suggestion is that, before you cut the mask, first try resahping with hot water or hairdryer. Cutting the mask should be reserved as the last option.

Before cutting the mask, or even before you buy the mask, you can try the size range with the downloadable “Totobobo mask simulator”. You can print it out and make your own paper dummy. It does not produce exactly the same fit as the original Totobobo mask, but you will get a good idea of size fit.

Download the Totobobo simulator to test the size


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