Biking in Beijing + my pollution solution

by Wilfred Chan from Beijing

I’m tired of moping over my pollution-induced hacking cough. I refuse to hide inside my apartment any longer. I have six more weeks here, and damn it, I am going to have fun, I am going to explore this city, and I am going to do it without getting lung cancer.

Besides, what am I so worried about, anyway? This city is full of rainbows:

braving an AQI of 220, fixie rider explore Beijing with unhealthy particles in the air, including pollution and viruses. I can actually smell fresh air when I inhale. I can bike. I can walk outside to buy groceries.

Braving an AQI of 220, with the mask on, I can bike. I can walk outside to buy groceries.

The good news is that I’ve found a way to save my trip, thanks to the Totobobo Mask I bought yesterday for 180 yuan. It has two filters that trap microns down to 0.3 microns in diameter, and filter out 92-96% of unhealthy particles in the air, including pollution and viruses. I can actually smell fresh air when I inhale. I can bike. I can walk outside to buy groceries. And I may look like a post-apocalyptic piglet when I’m wearing it, but I don’t care, because I feel like a functioning human being again!

So, I kind of apologize for the complaining last time. I may have to wear a freaky mask now, but I am going to give this city another chance.

Today, with mask firmly attached, I went out with Juanes for a 20-mile ride (complete route here), braving an AQI of 220* with very high PM2.5 in the air.

An air quality index of 220 is considered Moderately Polluted according to the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, which I like to think of as humans should probably fucking stay indoors.

I will show you a picture of what my mask looked like AFTER the ride. The left side is a new set of filters. The right side is my mask, after three hours of biking.

Totobobo filter after three hours of riding in AQI200 Beijing air

Totobobo filter after three hours of riding in AQI200 Beijing air

Yep! I’m never taking this thing off again.

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Totobobo filter after one month cycling in London

One month dirt and cycing

JOrchard of Bere:Architects was shocked to see the drak patch collected on his Totobobo filter after one month cycling commute (5.5 Miles per trip) in London. He now recommend that everyone wears an anti-pollution mask on their daily commute.

What would you see on the filter after one month cycling in your city?

Radiation risk of CT scan

Radiation exposure received from 2 to 3 computed tomography (CT) scans of the head in childhood (aged under 15 years)—giving a cumulative dose of around 60 mGy— can triple the risk of later developing brain cancer, while around 5 to 10 such scans (cumulative dose around 50 mGy) could triple the risk of developing leukaemia (with the differing number of scans related to different absorption rates of the brain versus the bone marrow and age at time of scanning).
This is the finding of a study represents the culmination of almost two decades of research, and is jointly funded by the UK Department of Health and NCI/NIH.
More of the study

On the other hand, this study should not keep parents from getting needed medical imaging care for their children, but should be discussed with their physician and factored into their shared decision making before an imaging scan is performed. – Appropriate CT scan

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Totobobo mask for Heyrobics

Heyrobics in Beijing, China  - the active expert

Are you Heyrobic members? Check this out if you are in Beijing.

Finally! A way to dodge the pollution and keep sweating outdoors when Hey-ing, biking, running and well, jumping around in general! We’ve got masks! Here’s some info about our favorite clean air mask! They’re recommended by local health expert Dr Richard Saint Cyr (see our blog for details).

The unique features of all Totobobo masks are designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and ease of use to everyone, including children. Totobobo is the worlds’s first customizable mask and it filters out 94% of the pollution! The mask is one of the best anti-pollution masks you can find in Beijing- also it is quite difficult to get a hold off! For more information about the Totobobo mask, check out!

They even have a special offer for members:
Check it out here:


MIDI MUSIC FESTIVAL IN BEIJING : Haidian Park, Beijing / Dates: April 29th – May 1st 2012

Beijing Midi Music Festival Poster , Designer Zhu Wei

Midi Music Festival is regarded as the Woodstock of China. It is China’s largest rock music festival, which also started as the first music festival in China. With tens of bands at home and abroad volunteering to perform at Midi, it attracts tens of thousands of young people all over the country. Many travel long distances by train just to catch the annual feast for ears.

The theme this year is “PM 2.5,” focusing attention on a growing environmental problem in China. PM 2.5, also called “fine particles,” is an air pollutant with less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter. Avant-guarde artist Zhu Wei designed this year’s poster, describing a future scene where all people care about environment. Zhu Wei also designed the poster for 2006 Midi Music Festival, as well as directing the music video for Miserable Faith’s famous song, “Bloom.”

Source: International Beijing Foreign Studies University

My Health In Beijing ( recommended Totobobo mask to block PM2.5