Jackie Simmonds review Totobobo mask

Pastel painting by Jackie Simmonds

Pastel painting by Jackie Simmonds

If you are interested in pastel painting, you will be interested in this blog called “Jackie Simmonds Artyfacts”. Jackie Simmonds, an artist, art instruction author, tutor. Her prints published and distributed worldwide. She is also a regular contributor to the popular Artist Magazine in UK.

We are very pleased that Jackie recently posted a review of Totobobo mask and she is now a regular user of Totobobo because she like it a lot!

She explained why a dust mask is necessary:
“There are two fundamental characteristics of the pastel medium that make it dangerous to inhale: the small particle size of the dust and the toxicity of the pigments. Pastel dust consists of extremely fine particles of both pigments and binders. When the dust is inhaled, some particles will deposit in the upper respiratory system. But more harmfully, a significant portion of the pastel dust particles, especially those from pigments, are small enough to get deep into the lungs’ air sacs (alveoli), where they may remain indefinitely.”

Then she went on to talk about Totobobo mask:
“I tried various masks, and felt claustrophobic in most of them. Then, I read about the TOTOBOBO mask, used by other pastellists. I now own one of these masks, and use it regularly. I thought I would mention it here, and give you the link to the website where you can view a variety of pictures, you can even download a mask simulator which will give you an idea whether the mask would fit your face or not, and you can read a variety of reviews.”

Click here to read more at her blog.