Merry Christmas

It’s holiday time and we are taking a break traveling.

New orders will be sent by December 30 and most likely arrive in mid-January, 2012.

Thanks for your support and we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bert Leatherman

Bert Leatherman in Sau Paulo

Bert Leatherman wearing Totobobo mask in Sao Paulo

From time to time we receive feedback from our users. It is always a pleasure to read these feedback, whether they are positive or not. For example, on November 30, 2011, Bert sent the following to us:

“Looks like your mask works great! Here’s a photo of a filter (compared to a new one) after 3 days’ use for 1-2 hours per day on the streets of Sao Paulo. Feel free to publish this photo anywhere you’d like. Thanks! Bert

Bert's filter after about 5 hours of walking in Sao Paulo

Soon after, Bert send another mail concerning about the fit around the nose bridge. Since more people may be interested here is listed his question and our answer:

Bert: Any ideas for improving the seal around my nose? Air leaks in beside the bridge of my nose a bit when I inhale. Thanks!

Francis: Regarding the slight gap near to the nose brdige, you may try to use the nose-rest of your sun glasses to press on the mask to help to close it.

There may also other ways to trim the mask so that it fits better. But I’d need a few good quality, close up photos showing the problem situation now in order to give our advice.

To clarify, Bert uses the Totobobo mask just for walking, not cycling. The grey pollutant trapped on the filter could be worst if he was cycling and breathe more heavily. In any case, the filter shows a lot of pollutants would have entered his airways and lungs if not for the protection of the filter.