Totobobo available in Beijing, NOW!

Good news if you are staying in Beijing, you can now get the Totobobo mask directly from a local shop.

Torana Clean Air Center, a store specialized in air filters is our first dealer in Beijing. We are very glad to have an expert in the field to be our first dealer in Beijing.

Beijing air, like many big cities is not particular friendly to people with respiratory condition. A quick check on the air quality, the numbers shows the key concern is PM2.5, the very fine particles that can be inhale deep into our lungs, a byproduct of motorized vehicle. Recent studies suggested that the increased concentration of PM2.5 is strongly link to the number of hospital admission relates to heart problems. Totobobo mask is able to drastically cut down your exposure to such fine particles during the ‘bad air days’. It is also the only mask that can be customized to fit small faces, even as small as five years old, and is recommended by Dr. St. Cyr, a family doctor in Beijing.

Feedback of a bicycle messenger from L.A.

On March 22, 2011, Michael Romo purchase a Totobobo SuperCool mask from our site. At that time he told us:

“Hello, I’m looking forward to bringing this mask to work with me because I am a bicycle messenger in Los Angeles and the aerial pollution here is very bad. As long as we have to live in a world where our cities are full of noxious gas automobile pollution, I have to make adjustments so I can earn a living. It is ironic that we can send robots to Mars but we can’t transport ourselves from place to place without spewing poisonous gas into people’s faces. It’s really sad. I appreciate your product though and hope it works well for me. Thank you, Mike.”

Now two months after receiving his SuperCool, Mike wrote to us again:

“I got my mask and it works really well. I bike messenger in los angeles and after 5 years I almost had enough of the smog and couldn’t stand it. I’ve been using it for 2 months and I like my job again. It cuts out the general air pollution around but if you’re right behind a truck or similar you still breathe in some gas but if you know how to avoid and dodge that while your riding then this mask really helps. I also like that it covers part of my face. Now I’m like a ninja slicing my way through this toxic nebula. My job is fun again! Thanks, Mike.”

Isn’t this beautiful? This is the kind of direct user feedback that make us believe in what we do. Thanks you, Mike!

Totobobo launched in Hungary

Totobobo in the Heroes Square, Budapest

Totobobo in front of the Heroes Square! Budapest, Hungary - photo creadit Akos

Totobobo is now in Hungary. Welcome Akos!

Yeah! Our first dealer in Europe has launched Totobobo last week. This is good news for our European customers who need protection from traffic pollution, flu virus, pollens or even volcanic dust.

Totobobo in Hungary

Totobobo launched in Hungary