Air Lamp at IFFS/AFS Singapore furniture fair 2011

LenDaiYan, furniture and user interface designer at the exhibition, in front of the Air Lamps.

Our new patent pending Air-Lamp, an air filter with integrated lighting device, is currently on exhibition at the Singapore furniture fair 2011. This year I join my friend LenDaiYan to share a stand in the trade fair.

Air Lamp combines the function of air filter and linghting in one single device.
Based on a patent pending technology, Air Lamp provides clean and pollution free air while setting the mood with soothing ambient light.
The concept is now on exhibition at the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2011. Feedback from the show is so far encouraging. We have received serious inquiry from US and Europe as well as several media coverage. Designboom is the first among the media to cover the Air Lamp.

While  developing the product for production, we are also looking for potential business partners  to produce or market the product. If you know anyone is interested please drop us a note.

2 thoughts on “Air Lamp at IFFS/AFS Singapore furniture fair 2011”

  1. Thanks Ross. Great to hear from you here!
    What I began to realize, after installing the Air-Lamp, is that air filter is best located next to the person who needs it. Typical box air filter usually sit on the floor or at a corner of the room. The air is most clean at that corner but where people sit or sleep may not be so. The Air-Lamp can be just right next to the bed or desk as a lamp and providing clean air right next to the user.

  2. I love the idea of multi-function home furnishings–and this concept is very cool and smart. I would much rather place a nicely lit cloud on my wall that acts as an air filter than the big ugly slatted gray box that currently provides my home’s air filtration. Nicely done.

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