What pastel artist and blogger Brenda Boylan thinks about using the Totobobo mask to protect herself?

Passing Point, 24x24

Sometimes the most powerful testimonial comes in very unexpected way.

Pastel artist Brenda Boylan make a point to show that she is wearing Totobobo mask when producing a time lapse video showing how a beautiful pastel painting was created. Here is what she has to say about Totobobo:

You may notice in these small productions that I wear some sort of mask on my face. Protecting my lungs from the airborne pastel dust is serious business. I’ve tried heavy ventilators and they don’t fit my small featured face. I’ve tried 3M, and a few other disposable face masks, but it seemed like they were not protecting me enough. For my own health I searched high and low for a small, comfortable, and highly effective filter and found another pastel artist, Paula Ford using a Totobobo. Artist’s are always at risk by their mediums, especially soft pastel dust! I wanted to bring this up because recently my favorite online blogger friend Loriann underwent lung surgery and so I wanted her to see that she too, can continue working in pastel! I still have to gently wipe up any remaining dust with a damp rag to keep from getting airborne. I’m not sponsored by Totobobo, but I certainly do encourage pastel artists to check them out for their own health.

Still not convinced? read other’s comments on Brenda’s blog “Dusty Fingers

Kimberly Vanlandingham said…

Masks are so important! I got Pneumonia when I was in college and they think it was triggered by dust from glazing particles. I had a really big scare even though we didn’t use any of the “dangerous” glazes in school.

loriann said…
Hi Brenda,

I loved watching you at work and yes I see your totobobo. On another note,do you find that by painting on a toned surface it imbues that color light?I love your work.
Thanks for turning me on to the Totobobo. And thanks for taking the time to discuss, by phone, about the toto. Now I have that and my artist’s air filter. I am beginning to feel safe.
Thanks also for your kind mention.
PS Now my husband uses a totobobo when he is cleaning the cat litter box- 5 cats lots of floating matter.

World’s first UNIVERSAL Earloop Respirator

Singapore company Dream Lab One Pte. Ltd. today announced the arrival of the world’s first UNIVERSAL reusable Ear-loop respirator, called Earloop-UNIVERSAL or UNI in short. The new entry is the latest of a series of innovative anti-pollution respirators including the Classic, Earloop (L,M,S,XS sizes) and SuperCool (Mouth mask).

Typical reusable respirators by major producers are designed for heavy duty occupational use. They are able to achieve good face seal and protection. However, due to the weight, these respirators require heavy duty head bands to secure the respirator. Such head bands can be irritating and sometimes entangle with the users’ hair. On the other hand, normal users prefer to use cloth mask, like people in Japan or motorcyclists in Vietnam, as these are light enough to be hung on the ears with a pair of ear-loops. The ear-loop design is easer to use and is preferred by ladies with delicate hair styles. However, these cloth masks provide neither good seal nor protection for airborne contamination.

World's first UNIVERSAL Earloop respirator by Totobobo

World's first UNIVERSAL Earloop respirator by Totobobo

The new UNI achieves the best of both world by combining the best-of-class light weight property of Totobobo with an adjustable ear-loop design. The 20 grams reusable mask is the only one in the market that can be secured with a pair of flexible ear-loops. Through innovative ways of looping around the filters, the tension of the ear-loop can be adjusted to suit anyone including adults and children. The UNI is comfortable and easy to use, just like a cloth mask. Most importantly, the protection is not compromised either.

Scientific tests in the Prince of Wales Hospital (Hong Kong) have shown that the Totobobo filter is able to achieve a 135-fold reduction of airborne particles as fine as 0.3 micron, compared to a 195-fold reduction of 3M N95 mask. Such performance is considered by experts like Doctor Richard Saint Cyr to be ‘Very impressive’.

“I think Totobobo is a good and affordable option for people. And a 135-fold drop in pollution is very impressive; even on an emergency day with the AQI over 500, the mask would bring your air to WHO-safe levels”, wrote Dr. Saint Cyr in his popular blog “MyHealthinBeijing”.

The Totobobo Earloop-UNI is available now from the website: http://totobobo.com/buy.html

Totobobo with Earloop, Universal size

Earloop UNI (UNIVERSAL customizable) = $21

Easy to put on and take off, suitable for most adult size

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About Totobobo and Dream Lab One

Totobobo is the world’s first customizable respiratory mask designed to fit all faces from children to adults. The highly effective mask uses a patented advanced technology that ensures respiratory seal, offering users guaranteed protection from pollutants. Tipping the scales at 20 grams, Totobobo is by far the lightest reusable respiratory mask on the market. The mask is made from FDA approved material, using a custom-engineered ‘SoftTech’ plastic formula which makes it remarkably flexible and comfortable. Launched in 2008, the Totobobo mask has since hit sales in over 40 countries. The masks are available at www.totobobo.com. Totobobo is a product of Dream Lab One Pte. Ltd.

For more information, photographs or to arrange interviews, please contact:
Francis Chu
Dream Lab One Pte. Ltd.
Tel: +65 81183083
Email: totobobomask@gmail.com

New released in Medical Product Asia

Respro outside, Totobobo inside?

We received many feedback regarding the experience of using Totobobo mask. Most of our users like the comfort of Totobobo mask and the ease of breathing, some also commented on the ease of use and cleaning. Many also talked about how effective is the filters. From time to time there is someone come up with very special and truly innovative ideas, like the following from David:

I cycle alot in Toronto – about 10,000 km per year. I like the technology of the (Totobobo) filters and the mask stays dry unlike the techno which was too wet in the summer time. One funny thing is that I have kept and use the (Respro) techno mask and use without the filters as a cover for the totobobo mask – because the techno looks much better with cycling gear – and so I use the techno as a cover over the totobobo which looks to much like a lab mask to me.

David Harris

David Harris, Toronto, Canada.

Why Anita want to try Totobobo mask ?

I have been hugely impressed by your web presence – Fantastic resources and tools for consumers to really get a sense of the product, before purchasing.
The technology of the products design was superior to any other mask I researched.
I’m asthmatic. Some new neighbours who have moved in across the lobby to my flat- they are smokers, and I need protection when I walk through the communal space.
I’m looking forward to trying the mask, and really hope it brings me relief.
Kind regards, Anita

Heavy pollution in Mongolia

The picture provided by otgonbayar from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, says a thousand words:

Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

According to Tumenbayasgalan, another reader of our blog:

In our capital city Ulaanbaatar we have heavy air pollution during November-March period as a result of traditional Mongolian houses (yourts) burn raw coal for their daily use such as heating, cooking, etc. We also have heavy traffic jam and blowing dust during springtime that contributes to air pollution. Air quality index has been recorded as high as 279 compared to WHO ‘s recommended index 0-20.

A recent Forbes article by William Pentland highlighted:

In December 1952, the Great Smog that settled over the city of London for four deadly days claimed the lives of more than 4,000 people that winter. In 1948, a similar soot-filled cloud was responsible for dozens of deaths in Donora, Pennsylvania.

Make no mistake about it: dirty air is dangerous to breath.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency explains why:

Particle pollution – especially fine particles – contains microscopic solids or liquid droplets that are so small that they can get deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems. Numerous scientific studies have linked particle pollution exposure to a variety of problems, including [aggravated asthma, chronic bronchitis, irregular heartbeat and premature death in people with heart or lung disease] . . . People with heart or lung diseases, children and older adults are the most likely to be affected by particle pollution exposure. However, even if you are healthy, you may experience temporary symptoms from exposure to elevated levels of particle pollution.

As facemask becomes a must have during the winter month, some well connected residences of Ulaanbaatar started to discover the advantage of Totobobo: high tech protection, comfort , easy to clean and fit everybody including children and adult.

Totobobo users in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar resident wearing Totobobo mask

Totobobo users in Mongolia

Monk users in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Totobobo users in Mongolia

Nun user wearing Totobobo users in front of temple

Totobobo users in Mongolia

Mother and son wearing Totobobo mask in Mongolia

Feedback from John Stopper, UK

It is the best performing mask I have found.

The main reason I have chosen Totobo mask is the fact that it is easy to wear as you don’t really know you are wearing a mask once you have had it on for a couple of minutes and also it has a really good facial fit. Also, it has a low breathing resistance and so can be worn for long periods of time. I should also add that the filtration achieved by Totobobo mask is very good indeed.

Your product is absolutely brilliant and I shall be a long term user and customer.

Please feel free to quote my comments in your blog, I am very happy for that.

Thanks again and Kind Regards.

John Stopper, Lincolnshire, UK

Air Lamp at IFFS/AFS Singapore furniture fair 2011

LenDaiYan, furniture and user interface designer at the exhibition, in front of the Air Lamps.

Our new patent pending Air-Lamp, an air filter with integrated lighting device, is currently on exhibition at the Singapore furniture fair 2011. This year I join my friend LenDaiYan to share a stand in the trade fair.

Air Lamp combines the function of air filter and linghting in one single device.
Based on a patent pending technology, Air Lamp provides clean and pollution free air while setting the mood with soothing ambient light.
The concept is now on exhibition at the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2011. Feedback from the show is so far encouraging. We have received serious inquiry from US and Europe as well as several media coverage. Designboom is the first among the media to cover the Air Lamp.

While  developing the product for production, we are also looking for potential business partners  to produce or market the product. If you know anyone is interested please drop us a note.