Air pollution in Beijing

Smog in Beijing

Image Courtesy Bobak/Wikipedia

A surge of orders from Beijing over the last couple of days caught our attention. According to the customers, some from different Embassies there, the air quality in Beijing is the worst they have seen at this moment.

The Independent from UK posted “Index of air quality in the world’s major cities” which compiled data from AirNow, CITEAIR, and the American Embassy in Beijing. It confirmed that the Beijing air is the worst at the moment compared to cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and New Delhi.

Particulate pollution, rising temperatures and a lack of wind caused the stifling smog, which reduced visibility in parts of the city to just 200 metres (yards), the Beijing weather bureau said in a report.

The American embassy in Beijing rated it as “Hazardous” on the 21st of February. Traveler going to Beijing is strongly advised to carry a good mask (seal your face).
Hopefully the situation will be improved when the wind starts to blow later this week.

Linda’s feedback

We ask every new customers why they choose Totobobo mask in order to understand them and find ways to improve their experience. Just a couple of days ago, we receive a great feedback from Linda, who purchased a SuperCool mask. Linda has kindly agree to share her feedback here:

Cyclist commuting in San Francesco

Cyclist commuting in San Francesco

I am very excited to receive my new mask.

I purchased the mask to use on my daily bicycle commute in San Francisco. There is a lot of pollution in the air, and I don’t want to breathe it in anymore. I also really like the low profile of the Supercool mask, it looks great.

I tried the Respro mask, but was unhappy with it because it made my goggles fog up, didn’t fit well, and was difficult to breathe through.

I read great reviews about the Totobobo masks, and I know this will be a much better solution for me than the Respro. I only wish that I had ordered the Totobobo first.

I will definitely recommend it to my friends, as well.

– Linda S Kocsis, San Francisco, USA