First of a kind eBike

UPDATE: Dec. 17 All 5 eBike sold at the special pre-launch price!
UPDATE: Dec. 16 4 eBikes sold, now only left with one for the special pre-launch price (SDG 980)

Our sister site is offering a special promotion for a First-of-a-kind eBike. There is only 5 sets available and only offer for pick up in Singapore.

Details in the Jz88 blog. First come first served!

Kathy from Beijing- Totobobo mask for traveling in polluted cities

Kathy Redman recently travel to Beijing and she is very kind to share her experience of using Totobobo mask with her son:

Kathy and son using Totobobo mask when traveling in Beijing

Kathy and son using Totobobo mask when traveling in Beijing

We joined my husband recently on a business trip to Beijing. Our Totobobo masks came along for the ride and were photographed here outside the Forbidden City. We were especially pleased at their ease of use for our son. He was able to carry his own mask in it’s handy carry bag. He put his on and removed it with ease and was able to ensure a proper fit on his own. Though it’s not fun for any child to have to wear a mask over long periods of time, the ability to carry on with life without interruption and the reassurance it gives us parents that our children’s health is protected is worth the slight inconvenience. I wonder where else in the world Totobobo will turn up?

That’s so cool Kathy. Totobobo mask is selling to 40 countries now, all from Singapore!

A cool review of Totobobo mask


My lungs feel great and no weezing like i would if i was breathing all that yukky smog and car exhaust.
you have to make sure you get the straps just right. one going up high and one low to keep it in place as your breathing gets going.

it was kinda cold the other day so i took a pic of the teprature gauge in my car.