Reseller, dealer and exclusive dealership

We need more dealers and resellers, therefore we are always delighted to receive inquiries for dealership in different regions. In the past we have spent much effort in the negotiation and construction of MOUs, agreements, and contracts, but most of such effort ends up being wasted. Such agreements require a high level of trust and commitment from both parties and it is impossible to build a high level of trust without and established business relationship.

A typical question is: “Without an exclusive dealership, what if someone else grabs the opportunity and become my competitor?”
Our concern, on the other hand, is: “How do we know you are both willing and able to invest to carry out the responsibility of the principal dealer?”

Mutual trust is the most important condition for any sustainable business relationship. When there is no trust, even the most sophisticated legal document cannot prevent loopholes. But how is trust built?
Working with different parties, we have come to the conclusion that an organic; and low-risk way to develop trust is by growing our business together, starting from smaller transactions and building the business up step by step. Over time, both sides have plenty of opportunities to observe how the other party operates in different situations. The dealer can use these opportunities to survey the partnership, determine if potential lies within, and decide if further commitment is favourable.

Without any contractual agreement, we have granted exclusive dealerships to a couple of successful partners in different markets. They have been working with us for years and have been expanding their local markets as demand picks up. When there are new inquiries from these markets, we refer them to our current dealers. Judging from past records, both sides are confident of the business partnership, which helps to further strength the trust in between.

Based on the principle of organic trust building, we’ve come to a new approach towards bulk purchase dealership and exclusive dealership. We call it the “Progressive Dealership Program“. The core concept is to facilitate trust building through multiple transactions. Early partners are rewarded with a “first mover advantage” (more favourable terms compares to late comers in the same country/ city).

an outline of the Progressive Dealership Program is as following:
Progressive Dealership Program

Step 1:
Start – quantity quotation
Commercial sample order, choice of different mask and filter combination, the minimum order value is USD600.

Step 2:
Minimum order quantity: 200 masks 200 filter packs
To support new resellers:
Value-added support (USD 500): listing of resellers on our site.
Value-added support (USD 5000): a single page e-Shop as a sub-domain of dedicated to the reseller. (e.g.

Step 3:
Authorized Dealer (may request for exclusive dealership)
Minimum order quantity 2000 masks 2,000 filter packs (actual qty proportional to population covered)
Value-added support (USD 100): listing of dealer on our site.
Value-added support (USD 2000): a single page e-Shop as a sub-domain of dedicated to the reseller. (e.g.

Step 4:
Provisional Exclusive Dealer (Extend Provisional exclusive dealership for additional 6 months)
Minimum order quantity 5000 masks 5,000 filter packs (actual qty proportional to population covered)
Free support: listing of dealer on our site.
Value-added support (USD 1000): a single page e-Shop as a sub-domain of dedicated to the reseller. (e.g.

Step 5
Exclusive Dealer (country or city)
Minimum annual target quantity to be agreed based on geographic coverage and potential market size.
Exclusive dealership contract renewable every two years.
To protect the interest of all dealers, affected dealers in the designated area have the right to choose if they want to continue business under the new Exclusive dealer, or sell their stock to the Exclusive dealer.
Exclusive dealer must buy over all current stocks of Totobobo masks and filers from affected dealers at 75% of retail price before the activation of their Exclusive Dealership.
Free support: listing of dealer on our site.
Value-added support (USD 100): a single page e-Shop as a sub-domain of dedicated to the reseller. (e.g.

9 thoughts on “Reseller, dealer and exclusive dealership”

  1. Dear Totobobo export manager,

    We are an importer company based in South Korea.

    We would like to import and distributre the masks in South Korea.

    Will you contact us at our email ?

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi there Im Lucas from Kuala Lumpur.

    I’d came across with your products when i felt my throat and my lung filled with toxic dust every time i did my daily routine, cycling around my area, especially going up hill behind a bus or truck. I felt im going to die slowly if kept on cycling in such toxic environment.

    In Malaysia we don’t have a proper bicycle lane and we have to share road with the motorcars.

    Immediately i google for sport mask on the mighty internet, read some comparison and i found your product.

    Its good, i didn’t expect the airflow was so good. Immediately i gave my 2nd pair to my friends husband because his daily transport is a motorcycle. I’d also intro this mask to another cyclist friends and i hope this product could spread among the cyclist group.

    And i’d also introduced to my jogging friends and they also bought some of your mask.

    And recently Malaysia was strike by haze that came from the neighbour country, Indonesia forest burning activities. This activities occurred every year in certain months and sometime the API level was so high untill school have to close down.

    I’d seen a good market in Malaysia in three type of group market, first is the sport enthusiast like cycling (cycling become a hype in recent years and it become a common sport), jogging (Various marathon even held every year), 2nd will be those motorist that travel to work everyday (people nowadays becoming more health conscious for their self and their love one). Last but not least the Haze activities which happened almost every year in Malaysia.

    As a self experienced customer for this product, i believe people in Malaysia should get know bout this essential & functional product for their own health.

    Breathing is the most fundamental and natural system of our body, eventually people would ignore it as people get used with the environment they are living with. Some how i hope this product can educate them how important breathing clean air is for our own health.

    Im interest to know more bout how to become your product dealership in Malaysia and im looking forwards for your keen reply.

    Most appreciate and thanks for your wonderful invention.



  3. Hi, I’m a Singaporean living in Shanghai and I’m interested to be your dealer for Central China region. Please contact me. Thanks.

  4. Hola,
    I will love to be your distributor in Latin America, starting in Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá. We have many problems with particulate matter 2.5 in the city, so I know you are the best solution. I will be waiting for your response.

    Andrea Morales R.

  5. Hello,

    I am living in Singapore and we are facing the worst Haze ever! I am really interested in your masks and I want to sell them here and also in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Can you send me details about prices?

    THX a lot!

  6. I am living in Taipei, Taiwan. I would like to know if you have any dealers in Taipei or Taiwan. I would also like to know if exclusive dealership extends from mainland China to the R.O.C.

    Joseph Leard

  7. Hello I would like to be your Australian distributor of masks.
    Is this possible and if so may I order some marks and filters to get started.
    Best regards


  8. I have purchased your commercial pack and am looking forward to examining it and considering marketing opportunities here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I am an American who has resided in Mongolia since 1993, doing business since 1998. You may know that Ulaanbaatar is rated as the top coal polluted city in the world with a recent article stating that 1 out of every 10 deaths is related to the coal pollution. There are high concerns about this problem and probably will not be resolved in the near future. I looked into another mask but was not happy with the Ork-like apearance it gave. Your mask actually looks like a filter mask which in my opinion should actually help sales. I have a couple questions…

    1) How well will your filters work with heavy coal pollution?
    2) In a highly polluted environment what is the approximate life span of a filter?

    I have taken the first step toward becoming a dealer. Is there anything you would want to share with me? If not, I will be back in touch once I have decided whether or not to take the next step.


    Tom Suchy

  9. hello, i belongs to ahmedabad, baroda city of gujarat, india.

    i am working in environmental field,

    i am intersted to sale your company product mask through our marketing network in gujarat territory of india.

    please kindly email in details,


    DR.hiten.shah c-401, saguncassa apartment, near prerna tirth derasar, jodhpur, sattelite, ahmedabad,india. 380015

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