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Oprah Winfrey and reality TV producer Mark Burnett (SurvivorTM & The ApprenticeTM) are joining forces in search of the next big TV star
Oprah Winfrey and reality TV producer Mark Burnett (SurvivorTM & The ApprenticeTM) join forces to search of the next big TV show

If one has cancer, the choices available are few and painful. We all want better answers to common physical problems. Wouldn’t it be great to watch a show that helps individuals with all the available choices that address their problem? Alternative,medical,diet, nutrition and what ever else is out there?


Debra Witter share her experience of supporting her daughter, Kayla, to fight cancer on
Her site is a useful reference for cancer patients who wants to combine Medical & Alternatives methods to increase their chances of survival. Totobobo mask is one of her tips for people with compromised immune system to protect themselves.

She told us in a letter:

“Kayla has worn your mask every day since January 2009 and she has not been sick in any way since that time. She attends school every day and no sickness. This despite still being immune compromised. The doctors said that her immune system will not recover from the chemo for another six months. Your mask is our safety net that has proven for us its workability. When Kayla did not have the mask and went to school she ended up in the hospital for two weeks, every month, for three months, totaling 45 days. With the mask -no sickness, no hospitalizations, no colds, nothing. Your mask is far superior to any other mask on the market. Period!”

Now Debbie wants to reach out to much more people and you can actually help! She need your help to vote for her proposal for a new TV show on Oprah Winfrey’s network:

Debra Witte and cancer patient's recommendation.
Debra Witte and testimonial to her

My show idea is to feature people with a physical problem and treat them similar to that house make over show, except with this show they would have a whole team of experts providing all the available answers for that problem. In other words, diet, nutrition, alternative therapies, and medical. This is how I was able to help my daughter through her 2.5 years of cancer treatment. We applied everything that the doctors would allow us to do, and it was a lot. My girl is now cancer free and I am trying to compete in this network for my own cable TV show. That is the prize, YOUR OWN CABLE TV SHOW.

I am not movie person, have never been on TV, have no experience in this area. What I do have is experience with serious illness and researching medical journals, books and the Internet to find medically validated solutions to the health problem being addressed. I think people want answers like this, now more than ever. With the economic stresses that so many are under, it would be a very daunting task to try and figure out all the answers by themselves. That is where I come in an find the experts and all valid therapies relevant for their specific problem. This also educates the viewers that are watching. Unfortunately, most of us know people who are battling something on the physical front.

If you feel this is a good idea please jump to her audition video to vote for her.

Note: Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star” is a competition series that will premier on OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s new network, in 2011. The winner of the series will host their own talk show produced for OWN.

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