Lasalle-Sia College Of The Arts

Front facet of Laselle-Sia School of the Arts
Front facet of Laselle-Sia School of the Arts

Yesterday we had a fruitful meeting with some of the staff in Lasalle-Sia College of the Arts. We were there to brief them about the Art & Crafts application of Totobobo mask. We were surprised and impressed when their technical officer approached us last week. This demonstrates the progressive nature of the school – a sign that their staff is actively seeking solution to address the safety issue relates to their students.

Established in 2004 as part of LASALLE College of the Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Singapore is devoted to the research and exhibition of international and Asian contemporary visual arts, media arts and design.
the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Singapore, the galleries and part of LASALLE College of the Arts.

LASALLE offers the most comprehensive range of 26 diploma and degree awards in design, fine arts, film, media arts, fashion, dance, music, theatre, art history, art therapy and arts management in the region. In some of the practical classes, like painting, sculpture and welding, students may be exposed to harmful particles or gases. Currently there isn’t a really practical solution. Professional respirators are too big and heavy and  expensive as well for the students. The typical solution is surgical mask, which is not sufficiently protective. We shared how other artists and craftsmen had successfully used Totobobo mask to protect themselves during their work. We also demonstrated how the mask can be customised to fit different face sizes of the students. They were clearly impressed by the flexibility of Totobobo and invited us for another presentation to their students.

Two types of Totobobo- Original adjustable strap and earloop
Two types of Totobobo- Original adjustable strap and earloop

We brought two types of Totobobo to the school: original and earloop. Being asked whether the flimsy looking strap will easily break, we were eager to demonstrate how stretchable it is..  So we puuuull ——-  SNAP!  One of the straps from the earloop just pop out right in front of us. We were extremely embarrassed and overwhelmed because we dedicate tremendous efforts to keep a good quality standard. After inspection, it was discovered that the strap survives the stretch, but the end connector gave way.

We decided to recall all the earloop models and is in the process contacting those affected customers. The production of the earloop model had been stopped until a solution for the problem is identified.

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