Seoul Cycle Design competition 2010

If you love cycling, you may be interested in this bicycle design competition open to everyone in the world, from Seoul, Korea. There are three categories to be considered:
Bicycle, Accessories and Infrastructure design.
There is a total of 46,000 USD prize money to be won.

Seoul bicycle design competition, 46,000 USD to be won!

46,000 USD to be won!

The Objective of Seoul Cycle Design Competition

cycling with design : SEOUL style
The Seoul Cycle Design Competition awaits your brilliant ideas that would make Seoul a dynamic and sustainable cycling city, a metropolis where people of all ages could safely enjoy cycling.
The 6 key phrases suggested below describe the specific orientation of the Seoul Cycle Design Competition to realize its objective.

Ideas of design that reflect the environmental features of Seoul .
Bicycle design that reflect the characteristics of Seoul’s geography, climate, road conditions, etc.

Bicyle as an eco-friendly man-made device .
Bicycle that not only is free from use of fossil fuel for riding but that also uses methods
which are environmentally sustainable in the course of its discard and maintenance .

Bicycle design that make people participate.
Bicycle with a completed aesthetic that makes people want to ride · Styling of bicycle-related accessories.

Design that contribute to the progress of Bicycle business in Seoul.
High-end, specialized cycle design that could create high value added business in cooperation with Bicycle
business in Seoul .

Bicycle system that utilize the cutting-edge infrastructure.
Suggestion of a futuristic and effective bicycle system which make the best use of the IT
infrastructure of Seoul that boasts its highest technology in information and communication.

Introducing design of international level and raising issues
Making aware of the international issue of green transportation and discovering a design trend that satisfies
both the codes of Seoul and the world.

Read more at the Seoul cycle competition site

Totobobo in Medical Product Asia magazine

The well known bi-monthly magazine [Medical Product Asia] carries a full page feature of Totobobo mask this month.

“The mask from the tiny red dot has officially become a worldwide phenomenon, providing respiratory protection to customers from 35 countries.”

Medical Product Asia features Totobobo mask

The May issue of the famous Medical Product Asia features Totobobo mask

Totobobo featured in Medical Products Asia

full page feature of Totobobo mask in Medical Product Asia

About Medical Product Asia:
MEDICAL PRODUCTS ASIA is the ONLY magazine 100% focused on medical devices in Southeast Asia! MEDICAL PRODUCTS ASIA is the journal that will highlight the latest developments and innovations for the medical equipment industry covering supplies, furnishings and accessories, product designs, development and services as well as information on legislation, patents and intellectual property rights.

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SuperCool- the Coolest Cycling mask

The coolest pollution mask

The coolest pollution mask

TOTOBOBO SuperCool is the perfect filter mask for cycling and outdoor sports in polluted cities. This innovative respirator covers only the mouth. By removing the nasal cover from the original design, you can exhale easier through the nostrils without filling the mask with uncomfortable heat and moisture. The SuperCool mask is truly the coolest breathing mask in the world. With the nose free there is no concern of fogged up glasses. It is also slim and sleek, easy to wear while cruising around.

The coolest pollution mask for cyclist and motorist, Totobobo Super-Cool mouth mask

The coolest pollution mask

The TOTOBOBO SuperCool uses top-quality High-Efficiency-Air-Filters to keep unwanted airborne particles out of the respiratory system. Test in the Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University, Hong Kong, has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Totobobo mask.

The unique “SoftTech” material enable TOTOBOBO mask to fit snugly and comfortably to the face. It forms an air-tight seal so air can only get in through the filters. Remarkably, the mask can be trimmed to fit any face.

The mask is reusable and a pair of disposable filters is less than a dollar for a typical week long use in highly polluted cities. The TOTOBOBO SuperCool Mask is of superior quality and is the best value amongst competitions.

The SuperCool’s streamlined design is tailored for use with a helmet and goggles or glasses. Talking is more easily done and your smile is not lost behind a bulky mask, so communicating while riding is not an issue as it is with other masks. Cleaning your nose is also quite possible — if you ever need to. This product is a must have for any city riders. The SuperCool mask is now available from .

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Ear-loop issue resolved

After a lot of experimentation and testing, the issue of the ear-loop detached problem has now been resolved. The early batch of the ear-loop design have a non-woven felt piece welded onto both end of the ear-loop. The welding quality turns out to be less predictable than anticipated. A few of these felt pieces detached from the elastic ear-loop when put under high tension. Attempt has been made to improve the welding process and quality check procedure. However, problem still occur from time to time.
A parallel action has been triggered to come up with an alternative design – targeted to eliminate the need of the felt piece welding. This has been proved to be the better option. Without the felt-piece the ear-loop is now much stronger and is able to withstand similar tension force as the original elastic strap. We are very pleased that the new solution has been working very well so far.

Totobobo ear-loop version is now improved and much stronger

Totobobo ear-loop version is now improved and much stronger

Lasalle-Sia College Of The Arts

Front facet of Laselle-Sia School of the Arts

Front facet of Laselle-Sia School of the Arts

Yesterday we had a fruitful meeting with some of the staff in Lasalle-Sia College of the Arts. We were there to brief them about the Art & Crafts application of Totobobo mask. We were surprised and impressed when their technical officer approached us last week. This demonstrates the progressive nature of the school – a sign that their staff is actively seeking solution to address the safety issue relates to their students.

Established in 2004 as part of LASALLE College of the Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Singapore is devoted to the research and exhibition of international and Asian contemporary visual arts, media arts and design.

the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Singapore, the galleries and part of LASALLE College of the Arts.

LASALLE offers the most comprehensive range of 26 diploma and degree awards in design, fine arts, film, media arts, fashion, dance, music, theatre, art history, art therapy and arts management in the region. In some of the practical classes, like painting, sculpture and welding, students may be exposed to harmful particles or gases. Currently there isn’t a really practical solution. Professional respirators are too big and heavy and  expensive as well for the students. The typical solution is surgical mask, which is not sufficiently protective. We shared how other artists and craftsmen had successfully used Totobobo mask to protect themselves during their work. We also demonstrated how the mask can be customised to fit different face sizes of the students. They were clearly impressed by the flexibility of Totobobo and invited us for another presentation to their students.

Two types of Totobobo- Original adjustable strap and earloop

Two types of Totobobo- Original adjustable strap and earloop

We brought two types of Totobobo to the school: original and earloop. Being asked whether the flimsy looking strap will easily break, we were eager to demonstrate how stretchable it is..  So we puuuull ——-  SNAP!  One of the straps from the earloop just pop out right in front of us. We were extremely embarrassed and overwhelmed because we dedicate tremendous efforts to keep a good quality standard. After inspection, it was discovered that the strap survives the stretch, but the end connector gave way.

We decided to recall all the earloop models and is in the process contacting those affected customers. The production of the earloop model had been stopped until a solution for the problem is identified.

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Totobobo’s “SoftTech” application featured in International Plastic News

International Plastic News interviewed Sharon, our MD, in their “Boardroom Connection”.

The advanced “SoftTech” application in Totobobo mask is recently featured in an article “Reusable mask a big hit” from the International Plastic News.

A highly effective mask from a patented advanced technology that ensures respiratory seal now offers users guaranteed protection from pollutants. Sold in over 30 countries around the world, the Totobobo mask is made of custom-engineered “SoftTech” plastic formula which makes it remarkably flexible and comfortable.”

Totobobo featured in International News

Totobobo mask featured in International Plastic News

Recommendation from Totobobo mask users can testify that “SoftTech” material is fundamental to 5 key competitive advantages of Totobobo mask:

  • Comfort (lightweight and flexible)
  • Protection (ensure good seal)
  • Customizable (easy to trim to fit different face size)
  • Reusable (durable)
  • Anti-microbial
  • The full article is available on the magazine website. Go to page 12 to read the full article.