Chinese patent opens up new market opportunity for Totobobo

The Chinese Patent Office granted a new patent for the innovative Totobobo mask. Considering the increasing difficulties in acquiring a Chinese patent, this comes as a major achievement. The potential sale of Totobobo masks will greatly increase now that the Chinese market has opened to this innovative product.

Sharon Li, Dream Lab One’s managing director believes that, “the new patent, along with the rest of our IP portfolio, opens up new opportunity for licensing business”.

This development comes as no surprise, though, given the exceptional performance of Totobobo mask that has so far won the trust of customers from 35 countries, from the United States to Mexico to Mongolia, as far north as Russia and as far south as New Zealand.

Demand for the Totobobo mask is believed to be very high among China’s health-conscious and rapidly expending middle class. Despite great efforts to clear the air, air pollution remains a serious challenge. The recent sand storm swept across 16 provinces in China is a stern wake up call. Experts warn air pollution will remains to be a problem for years to come. According to the World Bank, 16 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in China. Time Magazine reports that: “Linfen has the worst air in China” because of the large quantities of coal being burnt daily. Like Linfen, airborne contaminants abound in Chinese cities, renowned for their smog, soot, and overall poor air quality. Before the air is cleaned, many users can benefit from the protection of Totobobo mask, namely:

cyclists and motorcyclists
– traffic policeman
– tollgate staff
– students and children
– asthmatics and hay fever patients

The Totobobo mask’s creator, Francis Chu, welcomes the recognition:
“China is an important manufacturing base as well as the biggest market for respirators. This is an important patent today and will become more important in the future.”

This development is good news for Chinese consumers, since the reusable Totobobo mask is both economic and effective for reducing the risk of respiratory disease.

About Totobobo
Totobobo is the world’s first customizable respirator mask designed to fit both children and adult. The highly effective mask is exceptionally comfortable. At 20 grams, Totobobo is by far the lightest reusable respiratory mask on the market. Sales have hit 35 countries since the launch in 2008. Totobobo is a product of Dream Lab One Pte. Ltd. The masks are available at