Don’s review of Totobobo mask

“It does not fog up my glasses!”

“There was no noticeable decrease in air flow!”

“The straps were more comfortable, and even better, they are adjustable”

“The mask itself is more environmentally friendly”

– Don /WC! forum Guide, Rochester, NY

By Don Ketchek, Wet Canvas forum guide, pastel artist. June 14, 2009

Recently, I purchased a Totobobo mask. The first thing I noticed was that there seemed to be more air coming through the Totobobo mask than the previous mask that I have been using. In fact, I took the mask off to check and make sure the filters were in place, because there was no noticeable decrease in air flow! (Yes, the filters were in place!) The mask seems lighter, too.

The straps were also more comfortable, and even better, they are adjustable. You can tighten or loosen them with a little clip that is attached to the strap.

The mask seems to do a fine job – no coughing or clearing my throat after working with the pastels.

One of the nice things about it is that the filters detach and are replaceable, so the mask itself is more environmentally friendly. You only throw the filters away – not the entire mask. The filters will probably last a good long time, I guess I don’t know how long yet! I’ve used it twice and the filters aren’t dirty at all.

One thing that you might need to do, is make some “homemade adjustments” to ensure the mask is tight against the side of your nose – so that the air does not escape through there. The folks at Totobobo recommended cutting a filter in half and placing a piece on either side of the nose. I ended up doing something different – I cut a small groove at the top of the mask for the bridge of my nose (which, apparently, is larger than the average totobobo mask user!). It worked fine, and when I wear the mask, it does not fog up my glasses!
Don's totobobo-cut

So, that’s my review and I definitely recommend this mask. I know many of you are hesitant about wearing a mask, and believe me, so was I. In fact, I pretty much had to give up pastels for about 20 years, only doing them occasionally and then stopping due to coughing issues. Finally, I decided that using a mask was something I could get used to – and I did. I think it would have been an easier decision if this mask had been available then. It seems very unobtrusive compared to the others.


“I totally agree with Don. It’s extremely comfortable, does not fog up my glasses and fits well.”
Devonlass – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

“This is the only mask I’ve been able to get used to. I cut it to the first mark for it to produce a good seal.”
Adriana Meiss, Syracuse, NY

More about Don’s view and other artist’s feedback can be found on the actualTotobobo mask review on the Wet Canvas forum.

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I am cheated, by my feeling

This post is nothing about face mask or respirator. It is just a reflection of a trying entrepreneur triggered by a recent incident.

How we feel can be very different from from the facts, and the objective truth.

I was interviewed by a magazine yesterday and after learning about my sales volume the journalist asked: ” When do you think the business will break even?” Obviously my figure suggested that the business must have some distance to run before it can be break even. Without much hesitation I said I’ve already recovered what I’ve invested. I was speaking from my feeling, I really felt that way positively. Some how his question make me feel itchy, I want to find out if the business is objectively and financially balanced.

I get up this morning and can’t resist to make a quick check, from the time of the early prototyping and patenting as well as the production investment. There is no way I can recover what I’ve invested so soon. I was so wrong! I didn’t feel bad or disappointed, I am just curious how can I be so wrong? Am I just stupid? Losing money and still feel pretty good about it?

S$470 raised for Metta Home for Disabled

Totobobo mask display stand in MAAD/ Red Dot Design

Totobobo mask display stand in MAAD/ Red Dot Design

Thanks so much for your participation in the MAAD event over the last weekend in Red Dot Design Museum. We managed to raise S$470 for the Metta Home for Disabled by selling the Totobobo mask at a special price.
We would like to thank Shannon, the organizer who invited us to join the party. It was a fun-packed weekend with many inspiring displays, from the museum as well as from the artists and the designers there. We were thrilled to meet old friends and make new ones. Amongst the new acquaintants are Mr. & Mrs. Neuerburg. Mr. Neuerburg was from Germany and works for the Chamber of Industy and Commerce. They were so impressed by the design of the Totobobo mask that they purchased two masks and made extra donation for the charity.

$470 is not a lot of money, yet this is a good start.

MAAD fun with Totobobo mask

Early handmade prototypes of Totobobo mask

Early handmade prototypes of Totobobo mask

If you are interested to know more about the design process of Totobobo mask, come down to the Red Dot museum at Maxwell Road this Weekend.
In connection with the monthly MAAD event organized by dryrun, we will be holding a 2-days exhibition about the invention and design process of Totobobo mask since 2003. You will be able to meet the designer Francis Chu and see a selection of handmade and moulded prototypes selected from different stages of the development process.

From the MAAD site:
MAAD event is “a Market of Artists And Designers. An excuse to do something more exciting with your life. A space for exhibiting, performing, selling, shopping, chit-chatting, surprising and experimenting. A much cheaper and fulfilling alternative to a country club membership. A campaign to save, support and sustain Singapore’s creative souls. A chance to try something for the first time. A place that does not discriminate against pet-owners or small children.”

hand drawn decoration on Totobobo mask

hand drawn decoration on Totobobo mask

In fact, Red Dot museum will be open free for the public during these two days. One of the things you can try this time is to decorate your own Totobobo mask (there will be a limit of 50 Totobobo masks for sale at an attractive price in the exhibition, the proceed of the sales will be donated to the Metta Home for Disabled).
In addition, there is great opportunity to take a closer look at the world class design pieces in the museum- A wonderful way to spend quality time with your family 🙂

28, Maxwell Road ,
red dot Traffic, #02-15A
Singapore 069120

Date: July 4-5 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 11am – 7pm