N95 Masks Are Useless

The statement from Natural News seems extreme, but the key message is true:

“If it’s not air-tight, it’s not right!”

Putting on the mask is the easy half, the difficulty is to make sure it really seal your face. The air you breathe in should not by-pass the filter media and enter the breathing zone through any gaps.

In this aspect Totobobo mask ability to provide seal check visusally is unique amongst available respirators. You can ensure face seal simply by checking how the transparent mask touches your skin. If you need a bit of help, just use a wet cotton wool to moisturize your skin. As soon as the satin mask touches the skin, the semi-transparent color changes to total transparent instantly, giving you the confident that it is getting a good seal. The seal is consider complete if it makes a continous loop around your mouth and nose.
It may sound complicated but it can be done very quickly and is very intuitive.

More detail of Totobobo visual seal check can be found here:

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