B2W launch Totobobo mask in Indonesia



Totobobo mask is launched today at the “Deep Indonesia 2009 – Indonesia’s 3rd International Diving, Adventure Travel & Water Sports Exhibition” at JHCC by Bike2Work Indonesia (B2W).

B2W was officially established in 2006 to encourage more people switch to bicycle for commuting. This is in response to the increasing negative impact of automotive transport to human life: including air pollution, traffic congestion and road death. B2W organization promotes bicycle as a better form of transportation.

The community of B2W has been growing rapidly over the last 2 years from 150 to now over 10,000. Among them are high ranking government officials and CEOs of large companies. Some of the prominent people are:
Fauzi Bowo (Wagub DKI Jakarta), Andi Mallarangeng Alifian (Spokesperson for the President), Kadiman Koesmayanto (Menristek), Rahmat Witoelar (Minister of LH) and the president Yudhoyono himself!

We are very pleased to be associated with an organization of such great integrity.

Totobobo mask on Channel News Asia

Assembly line of Totobobo mask

Assembly line of Totobobo mask

demostration of trimming the mask to fit small kid

demonstration: customize the mask to fit small kid

The Channel News Asia program “I Journalist” and was first aired on March 23, 2009. It wasabout the health and environmental hazards of incense and joss paper burning. According to a study of over 60,000 househood conducted by Prof. Koh from NUS, people expose to high intensity of incense smoke or those exposed to incense smoke regularily over a period of 40 years have a higher chance to develop canser in the upper respiratory system. On the other hand, Prof. Bala from NUS did a study to compare the smoke given out from 6 different brands of incense and found out some of the joss stick gave out much more harmful smoke than others.

The last part of the program it is about the health risk (cancer) of inhaling the incense smoke. Totobobo mask was featured as a possible protection device, and it is the only one fitting children!

The incense smoke contains fine particals size between 0.2 to 5.6 micron. It should be noted that the most penatrating and most difficult size to filter is 0.2~0.3 micron. Totobobo filter is able to filter out at least 94% of such particals. The filtration efficiency for particals larger or smaller are even higher. Our study show two layers of the filter put togather will effectively make an N99 filter.

Write to: totobobomask (at) gmail.com for a clip of the TV program

Face mask may reduce heart attack in polluted air

A research published on 13-3-2009 in the Particle and Fibre Toxicology indicates that wearing a respirator may reduce the risk of heart attack.

“This simple intervention has the potential to protect susceptible individuals and prevent cardiovascular events in cities with high concentrations of ambient air pollution.” stated in the website.

The research study:

The research was led by Dr. Jeremy Lingguish of the Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences, Edinburgh University. The team consist of experts from Centre for Environmental Health (The Netherlands), Institute of Occupational Medicine (UK) and Fuwai Hospital in Beijing, China.

The randomised controlled study involves 15 volunteers walked on a predefined city route in Beijing. The subject exposed to ambient air pollution and exercise was assessed continuously using portable real-time monitors and global positional system tracking respectively. Cardiovascular effects were assessed by continuous 12-lead electrocardiographic and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Walking test route in Beijing

Walking test route in Beijing

The mask-wearing group result might have been affected due to poor mask-to-face fit. Despite this, the mask-wearing group demonstrated least affected by exposure to air pollution.

Current status:

Exposure to fine particulate air pollution is known to associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity, but it is not clear how this happens.

In another experiment, Magnus Lundb ck et. al developed a simple non-invasive method of assessing arterial stiffness and apply the method to demonstrate exposure to unnoticeable among of diesel exhaust can indeed increase arterial stiffness. This is possibly the best way to explain the link between air pollution and heart attack.

The team from Sweden and UK discovered that men exposed to small, unnoticeable concentration of diesel exhaust (350 ug/m3) increased the augmentation pressure by 3 mmHg and augmentation index by 8 %- indicating an increase in arterial stiffness. In a patient with established hypertension or coronary artery disease, small changes in central aortic pressure may be sufficient to trigger an acute cardiovascular event (e.g. heart attack, or stroke)

A point to note is PM concentrations can regularly reach levels of 300 ug/m3 and above in heavy traffic, occupational settings, and in the world’s largest cities.


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Singapore mask hits 20th country

Sunday, March 08, 2009, is not only the International Women’s day, it is also a new milestone for Totobobo mask-the Singapore designed and produced respirator mask has been sold to 20 countries across Asia, Europe and America!

The milestone order was received from Israel at 3:23am in the morning.

I am surprised that my order makes Israel a new country for the Totobobo mask to reach, because cycling is becoming quite popular here. I reckon that I will be the first of many others, once they see me with your mask. said Ralph Dobrin in an email. Jerusalem, where I live, has quite a lot of vehicular pollution. I use a bicycle as transportation. Surprisingly none of the dozen bicycle shops here stock masks. So, I surf the net, and Totobobo mask seemed the wisest choice in every way.

Recent visitors of Totobobo mask

Recent visitors of Totobobo mask

While the total volume is still small, the trend is very promising. said Sharon Li, the managing director. Over the past 12 months, our monthly website traffic has increased by 300% and more importantly our monthly sale has expanded by 500%! More and more new customers are referred by their friends and relatives.

The key applications of this 100g ultra lightweight reusable mask include cycling (+motorcycle) wood turning, as well as allergens & flu prevention.

Most wood turners and cyclists are impressed by the ease of use, wearing comfort and the effectiveness of the filters:

“The Totobobo mask is so easy to wear and comfortable that I forget I am wearing the mask. It is absolutely incredible how much dust particles the filters will pick up. I think it is the best thing you can use to protect your lungs.” said Bob Edwards from Texas, who is an experienced wood turners and demonstrator at SWAT.

Other users, especially parents, appreciate the ease of customizing the mask for their children as well as the simple fit-check through the transparent body.

My wife trims the Totobobo mask to fit our son. I could not find any other mask that would fit him. He wears it regularly when the weather is dry and dust and pollution increases. Said Thomas Eric Johnson PhD – Thailand, Bangkok.

The Singapore invention was triggered by the SARS in 2003 when the inventor, Chu Wa was looking for a fitting mask to protect his sons.

The recent cases of human bird-flu in Turkey also raised some concerns early this year. Because once a flu pandemic emerges, it will take at least 3 month to start work on a vaccine. Similarly, it takes time to develop and test a mask that can fit many people with different face shapes and sizes. I trust when the next flu pandemic hits, Totobobo mask will be ready to help protect people, especially children said Chu Wa.

BBC News: Global impact of bird flu

BBC News: Global impact of bird flu

The 20 countries where Totobobo mask has reached so far includes:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, India, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Malta, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA.

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Contact for distributor enquiry: totobobomask @ gmail . com