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Get a good mask, long living woodturner

“The totobobo is so easy to wear and comfortable that I forget I am wearing the mask…It is absolutely incredible how much dust particles these filters pick up. I no longer spend 2 days blowing dust out of my nose after working in the shop.”
Vincent Welch, Louisville, KY

The American Associate of Wood Turners

Woodturning and carpentry are among the oldest and noblest of professions. Carpenters are supposedly blessed with the gift of long, productive lives. This is due in part to the fact that their line of work entails a great deal of physical and mental activity, which in turn preserves the health of the body and mind over the years.

woodworking carpenter

Carpentry, one of the oldest form of craftsmanship

Carpentry is a creative discipline, its craftsmen are true master artisans who possess unique talents. Wood crafting requires considerable technical skill as well as creativity. Working in the woodshop requires constant attention to your work, which keeps the mind sharp and in focus. In old age especially, this mental activity promotes high brain activity and elasticity. These two elements together combat the effects of senility and dementia.

Carpenters are also always in motion: nailing, sawing, cutting, sanding, painting, polishing, etc. They have to lift and push and pull and hammer. All in all it can be tiring work! Constant physical activity keeps the muscles moving and the blood pumping. Works calories to help stave off obesity.

Carpentry is a mental and physical workout that keeps the body and mind limber. From the health perspective, modern machinery has added a detrimental element to woodworking, however. Although they permit greater speed and precision in woodwork, they add serious health concerns. Power tools are much louder than a simple hammer and nail, and motorized saws and sanders produce much more and finer dust particles than their traditional equivalents. High powered exhausts blow these tiny grains of sanddust into the air of the workshop.

Powersander, creates a lot of dust and noise

Power sander, productive in sanding and creating fine dust

Prolonged unprotected exposure to the loud noise of power tools in a closed space like a woodshop results in serious damage to the inner ear. This means severe hearing damage or total loss. Fine dust particles suspended in the air in high concentration get inhaled into the lungs, causing serious damage to the entire respiratory tract. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a finding that demonstrated the correlation between unprotected woodworking and lung disease and the risks involved. These two health concerns detract from the major benefits of working in woodturning or carpentry.

There are a number of solutions to the health risks involved with carpentry work in the modern age. Effective layout of the workshop, with proper ventilation and sound dampening equipment, can help minimize the amount of dust in the air and noise. Dust collectors and vacuum cleaners can help lower the amount of airborne particulates and clean the air you breathe. Cleanliness is close to godliness, and it also promotes a healthier work environment. Sweeping up regularly keeps the amount of sawdust to a minimum.
Most important to workplace safety and health is proper safety equipment. For the prevention of hearing damage and hearing loss, audiologists advise the use of ear plugs, ear molds, or over-the-ear protective muffs to minimize exposure to high decibel noises. When working for a long time with loud tools, wearing these protective devices keeps your ears and your hearing safe.

6 different respirators and face masks

6 different respirators and face masks

A protective dust mask is also a critical tool that a craftsman should never be without. A mask equipped with a highly effective filter that can keep microscopic particles out of the respiratory tract is essential for the well-being of every carpenter. Respiratory masks are the most cost effective and simplest way of ensuring the protection of your lungs while working in the wood shop. Ones whose filter blocks the entry of most of the particulate matter in the air will better protect your lungs, resulting in a healthier, better feeling experience and greater productivity.
When searching for the proper protective product, there are three primary aspects to take into consideration:

Effectiveness is the most important critiria. It is not point to wear a protective device that only provide a false sense of security. For example a traditional cloth mask or surgical mask is not an effective dust protection, eventhough it covers the mouth and nose. fine particles at submicron size can easily leak through the small gaps between the mask and the face.

Comfort factor is underestimated by many “experts”. For example, Safety Managers in big companies tend to emphasis on the technical effectiveness but less on the comfort issue. As a user we all know if something is not comfortable it doesn’t get used and is likely to be left on the bench to collect dust.

An effective and comfortable protective device get use more and the cost factor become important. For example, the cost of changing filter for a reusable respirator. Over time, this can be a substantial cost and it need to be affordable.

Well known brands like 3M, North and Moldex provide high quality respirators. Some model with expiration volve and soft silicon shell are more comfortable than others. To ensure effectiveness you need to ensure there is no leak between the respirator and your face. One interesting new comer in this field is Totobobo mask. through the transparent shell you can easily check if the mask is sealing your face and adjust it accordingly. It can even be trimmed to customize for smaller faces. It is also by far the lightest (20g only!) reusable respirator and likely the most comfortable out there.

Advantages of Totobobo mask, protects , light weight, comfortable

Totobobo mask advantage : protects , light weight, comfortable and affordable

I wear glasses and I have allergies. I have tried many different masks, switched to Totobobo a year ago. Yours is the best by far. It is comfortable, efficient and easy to clean.

Jim Waldron, Alamo Woodturners association

Wood turner mask- Totobobo

Vincent Welch, Louisville, KY

Bob Edward from alamoturners.com

Bob Edward

“I especially enjoy the fit and the light weight of the mask and the fact that it cleans up so well between uses.”

Bob Edwards, San Antonio, Texas

Leo Lichtman

Leo Lichtman

Leo Lichtman – Califonia, USA
The TOTOBOBO mask is very comfortable. Because the material is flexible and clingy, it’s easy to get a good seal. It’s easy to feel the negative pressure while breathing – unlike some other masks the back pressure is not noticeable. I think this contributes to the quality of the seal–less pressure, less leakage.

Stan L. – Ontario, Canada
I like the collapsible form of the mask. It can be kept in a pocket with no damage. Also the replaceable filters are small. That way you can have extra capacity without carrying complete masks.

Andrew Kertesz1

Andrew Kertesz

Andrew Kertesz

Andrew Kertesz – Ohio, USA
I am using Totobobo mask in a woodworking shop. It is comfortable, easy to put on and fits well. I am very happy with the mask and will recommend it when ever possible.

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