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Doctor’s recommendation

Dr. Richard Saint Cyr, a family doctor in Beijing, recommended Totobobo mask

Dr. Richard Saint Cyr, myhealthinbeijing.com

Dr. R. Saint Cyr, myhealthinbeijing.com

Pollution Masks: Which Are Best? Consider Totobobo…
Totobobo didn’t pay me anything, and I get no income from them for this mention. I’m simply trying to find well-researched options to protect myself and anyone else from Beijing’s air pollution, and I’d be more than happy to review other masks as well and to publish the results. Last year I tried to find good studies on other brands, including Respro, but I found no well-designed studies on other masks. Does anyone have such information?

I think Totobobo is a good and affordable option for people. And a 135-fold drop in pollution is very impressive; even on an emergency day with the AQI over 500, the mask would bring your air to WHO-safe levels.

Dr. Anil Simhadri MB MChir (Cambridge) MRCP (London) from UK

Dr. Anil Simhadri MB MChir (Cambridge)

Dr. Anil Simhadri MB MChir (Cambridge)

I am a doctor /physician in the UK at UCL, and bike daily in london to work using totobobo mask. I also suffer from asthma using a ventolin inhaler. I have been using totobobo masks since feb 2010 when I placed my first order and find them very useful. My cycling performance with regard to speed of cycling has improved. Previously I might cycle 6 miles in 1 hour. Now I cycle 6 miles in 50 minutes. Totobobo mask helps improve my control of asthma. Asthma is a disease of airway hyper-responsivesness. The tracheal airways are hyper-responsive to various triggers. Pollutants in the air as in inner city london can trigger the airways to constrict or narrow. Totobobo masks prevent these pollutants reaching the airways and so help remove the “trigger” for asthma.

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