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Incense smoke demo

I did a small experiment to visualize how totobobo filter block incense smoke, and how a deliberated gap could render the filter useless.

The setup consist of a vacuum cleaner to provide suction toward the right. This represented the suction force during inhalation. The nose and mouth was marked out by playclay. Another playclay border in front of the nose and mouth represent the mask and formed the breathing zone. A piece of Totobobo filter was inserted to close the opening of the mask, this effectively represented a cross-section of a person wearing a Totobobo mask and covering the nose and mouth.
A glass plate was put on top of the playclay to provide air-tight compartments.

incense smoke visualizer setup

The first demo represented a good seal existed between the mask and the face. The only possible entry for the air was through the filter. At least 94% incense smoke were trapped by the Totobobo filter.

Here is a picture illustration and a video demo:
incense smoke blocked by Totobobo filters

The second experiment was to simulate the effect of a leak.
I opened up the “mask” near the “chin” of the playclad “face”, to show what happen if there is a gap between the mask and the face.

how incense smoke bypass totobobo filter

It was clear that most of the incense smoke leaked through the gap due to strong pressure drop there, and hardly any smoke got attracted towards the filter.

In order to demonstrate a clear cut effect, I’d created a gap much more than what we will see normally.

It was not difficult to see how the incense smoke flow towards the lowest pressure area. When the mask-face seal was good, the maximum pressure drop exist near the filter and the smoke got attracted there. When there was an opening below near the “chin” and created a stronger pressure drop area, the smoke got pull over there.

Therefore it is important to ensure a good seal between the mask and the user’s face. Otherwise, pollutant will by-pass the filter and zip through the gaps wherever easier.

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How to do a TOTOBOBO user seal check?

Special features of Totobobo mask


Pollution Protective Gear Survey

We are working with G6V, a Venture team from the MBA Program of Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur, to conduct a survey about Pollution and the potential market of pollution mask in India cities.

If you are from India or have experienced living in India, please check out the Pollution Protection Gear Survey here.

Part 2 of the survey contains an offer to try Totobobo mask. Please help to forward the survey to your friends from India.

We will post an update of the results later next week.


Thank you, Jim

A email from Jim Waldron yesterday is a perfect user endorsement:

I bought a mask from my woodturning club, Alamo Woodturners association. (alamoturners.com) about a year ago.We have your web site on our club home page.
I wear glasses and I have allergies. I have tried many different masks, Yours is the best by far. It is comfortable efficient and easy to clean. (Now) I bought a second mask because I depend on my Totobobo mask and do not wish to be without it if something should wear out. I do wish you sold the filters in larger quantities as I like to change filters with each new project that I start. Packs of 25 or 50 would be very useful and save on shipping.
Please let me know if or when larger quantities of filters are available. I ordered two packages of 10 filters each with my order for the new mask. But that will last me just a few months.
Jim Waldron (TX, USA)

Thanks to Jim’s suggestion, we added a cost saving bulk pack filter (50 pairs) button in our BUY page.


Please forward your experience or suggestion email to : totobobomask (at) gmail . com


User testimonial


London, January 26 (ANI): Respiratory infections like flu can be guarded against if people use protective facemasks, according to a study led by British and Aussie scientists.

In their study report, the researcher also say that protective facemasks can even be helpful in defending against a pandemic.

Researchers at Imperial College London and the University of New South Wales, however, have also found that persuading people to wear a mask and to fit it properly is a difficult task, which could limit their effectiveness.

In a clinical trial of the effectiveness of masks, the researchers studied 280 adults from 143 families living in Sydney during the winter flu seasons of 2006 and 2007.

When a child in the household was ill with flu, the volunteers were asked either to wear a mask or not, on a random basis.

The researchers observed that people who wore a mask while their children were sick were four times less likely to become infected by their sick children than non-wearers.

Led researcher Neil Ferguson, director of the MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling at Imperial College, said that the findings suggested that masks could be useful in protecting against flu infections, and could be important in a pandemic.

In a severe influenza pandemic, there may be limited availability of vaccines in the first few months. In that context, masks are a potentially important additional weapon, he said.

The study, published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, indicates that masks could be an effective extra element of the defence plan, provided that people could be made to wear them consistently.

During the study, fewer than half of those who were asked to wear masks kept them on as directed. (ANI)



How to change Totobobo filter?

There are two types of filters available : 94% with super low breathing resistance and is therefore the most comfortable. 96% is more protective (1% more protective than N95 mask) and is a bit more breathing resistant. Depends on the situation and usage, you can change the filters easily:

How to change Totobobo filter?

step by step instruction of assemble the filter onto Totobobo mask

More instruction of use:


Totobobo masks are able to fit a wide range of large and small faces. However, it is not possible to claim that it will always seal your face perfectly. Sometimes it may require adjustment of the strap and the position of the mask to improve the seal. Sometimes trimming down the mask to a smaller size may help.

The purpose of a Visual-Seal-Check is to provide a fast and reliable method to evaluate the face seal, without the need of fit-test equipment.

User-seal-check of a normal respirator (e.g. N95 mask) involves the steps of cupping the filter area with hands, forcefully inhaling and/or exhaling to sense if there is air-leak. Such method relies on the user’s ability to feel the air movement around the leak area. Several studies have shown that this method is not reliable.

The Totobobo Visual-Seal-Check (VSC) method (patented) is facilitated by a very fine texture moulded on the inside of the transparent mask. In normal condition, the surface is dry and it appears as semi-transparent. The same surface turns transparent if there is water stuck on the surface. Even a tiny amount of water trapped between the mask and the face will make the surface change from semi-transparent to complete transparent.

To do a simple Visual-Seal-Check, you apply a little moisture on your face, than put the mask on. Observe the edge of the mask. Where it is completely transparent, there is a good seal. Where it is semi-transparent, there is no seal. It is considered as a good overall seal if there is a continuous transparent band circle around the nose and mouth.

Our user test using a TSI PortaCount system in a hospital, the gold standard of respirator fit test, shows there is a strong correlation (90%+) between the Visual-Seal-Check (VSC) and the standard fit-test results. In other words, it is possible to predict if the mask will pass or fail the gold standard fit-test by performing a TOTOBOBO VSC. This is particular useful for people who don’t have access to a proper fit-test system.

Milky surface indicates the face seal leak location

Milky surface indicates the face seal leak location

Transparent surface indicates good face seal of Totobobo mask

Transparent surface indicates good face seal of Totobobo mask


Used filters from India

“The mask is fantastic. I probably get a very faint smell of emissions in the peak scenario but generally the performance has been excellent… Definitely great value for money…” – Ganesh from Bangalore, India.

Ganesh sent a pair of used filter from India
Ganesh sent a pair of used filter from India

Ganesh cycle to work path is about 11km. Since December 4th, 2008 he has been testing his new Totobobo mask. Over a period of 2 weeks, he clocked 129 km in 425 minutes of riding. Approximately 25% of the time was “off peak” hours. He is very pleased with the result. To him getting a whiff of clean air behind a smoking bus is really refreshing for a change!


Season’s greeting

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas….

And a Happy New Year..

Seasons greeting

The Christmas tree is obtained by cleaning out the pollutants from the used filter from Bangalore, India. Thanks to Anoop who sent me the filters.


The Bangalore test

“Rohan is glad that the dirt is collected on the filter, not in his lung.”

used filter (200km) vs new

Used filter (200km) vs new

Rohan Kini, an online bicycle shop owner in Bangalore, India, was testing a new pollution mask. After 200 km of bicycling in the city, he was very impressed with the performance of a new mask call TOTOBOBO from Singapore and decided to carry it in his shop.

The air pollution in London is nowhere near Bangalore standards. However, riding in heavy traffic can damage the respiratory system. The question is: How does one know if a pollution mask is needed or not?

The latest TOTOBOBO mask won’t be able to tell that in advance. But you can be pretty sure when it does the job – simply by checking out the color of the filters. The filter will turn into a distinguish dirty gray to signal that it’s time to change the filters.

The mask is ergonomically designed to fit the majority of faces, from adult down to children of age 5! The secret is in a world’s first “customizable” feature which allows you to trim the mask smaller if it is too big for you.

This reusable, flat folding little gadget may just be the right thing to keep in your pocket when you brave the urban traffic.

more:� BumOnTheSaddle

PS. Totobobo filter uses special electro-static charge to collect even sub-micron dust.


TOTOBOBO and cycling


How to avoid Hay Fever?

Your Total Health from iVillage features a very illustrative video explaining the process of hay fever attack. (select Allergic rhinitis from the list)

Understanding the process helps to develop an effective defense strategy.

The process of hay fever

The process of hay fever

Quote from the video:

“The best treatment is to avoid the allergen. When this is not possible, medication can usually control the symptoms of a reaction.”

Totobobo filter is very effective in filtering even the finest particles including the allergen. Carry one around during the hay fever season to avoid the attack. Defense from Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) has never been so easy.


How to avoid asthma trigger with a TOTOBOBO mask?