Cycling can still be healthy in air polluted cities!

It has been a long time practice for us to take up cycling as a form of commute, leisure and fitness activity in the city. However, with the air pollution that devours our urban environment, it isn’t very healthy anymore, that’s why you have to protect yourself from the toxins, while keeping fit yourself! 

With Totobobo Mask, you’ll be able to cycle and exercise without worrying about the pollution anymore. Comfortable, reliable and reusable, perfect for you! 

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Can air pollution negate the health benefits of cycling and walking?

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Totobobo mask Large Size (TT-01)
SGD 45
TT-o1 Totobobo mask large
Suitable for the male adult.
Comes with an extra pair of earloop for replacement.
Adapter to convert earloop to Headstrap style.
Water-mark seal check.
ReShape to fit different face/nose/chin contour.
F96 filters pre-installed.

F96 hightech filter
SGD 48
F96 filter
Top protection! High efficient,
low resistance filter
sub-micron filtration performance
10 pairs in a sealed ziplock bag