5 reasons why Totobobo Masks is the best for children!

“Totobobo is far superior to any other mask on the market. Period!”

After Chemo, Kayla’s Immune System is still compromised. This mask is our safety net that has proven its workability.

“When Kayla did not have the mask and went to school, she ended up in the hospital for two weeks, every month, for three months, a total of 45 days. With the mask, she had no sickness, no hospitalizations, no colds, nothing.

Your mask is far superior to any other mask on the market. Period!”

Debbie, the mother of Kayla, knew that she needed proper respiratory protection if she wanted to play with other children. She had her tried all sorts of masks, Surgical Masks, N95 Masks, but none of them worked. Due to her weakened immune system after the Chemotherapy, Kayla would fall sick easily after she mingled around with other kids. Determined, Debbie continued to search for a solution. One day, a Google search led her to Totobobo mask. After studying the website, she decided to give it a shot. To her surprise, the Totobobo mask worked!

Filter + Face seal = Good Protection

principle of respiratory mask protection

The principle of how Totobobo mask works is very simple: Isolation (Proper Seal) and Filtering.


Good protection = good seal + good filter

“Good protection is built on two factors: a good filter and a good seal“.

Surgical Masks are not good enough

You have witnessed the news on TV that many children in Asia wore surgical masks to school during the SARS attack. However, surgical masks were not designed to prevent air-borne viruses from entering their bodies. There are numerous gaps between the mask and the user’s face, allowing viruses to pass through easily.

sugical mask showing gaps from both sides

Surgical masks were designed to protect nurses and surgeons from blood contamination during an operation. In Japan, it’s common use was to reduce the risk of passing the Flu virus around by the wearers of the virus. The level of protection that the surgical mask provides for airborne viruses, is still an unanswered question till this date.

N95 mask effectiveness: Fit Testing is a problem.

Adult N95 mask big gaps on child's face

Respirators, on the other hand, were designed to protect the wearer from airborne viruses. This will only be possible if the respirator provides a good seal on your face, making sure that the air you breathe, will only pass through the filter(s) before entering your respiratory system. A proper fit test can only be conducted by a trained specialist with proper equipment, which is usually inaccessible for the public.


Manufacturers came up with the “User Seal Check”, which is done by blocking the filter(s) while blowing into the mask to feel if any air is leaking from the sides of the mask. Such practice is questioned by a study from the Price of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. The study showed a 25% failure rate when trained users applied the “User Seal Check”. This technique recommended by most manufacturers is too ambiguous and unreliable. “It’s usefulness as a pre-use test must be questioned.”, the study concluded.

Another study, “Respiratory Donning in Post-Hurricane New Orleans(US CDC May 2007)” found that 76% of the participants were not able to demonstrate proper donning for a good seal, compromising their protection from airborne viruses.

TOTOBOBO mask improve user seal check by 25%

Main features of TOTOBOBO mask
Main features of TOTOBOBO mask

While looking for a respirator to protect his children, Francis Chu, the inventor of Totobobo Mask, encountered the same frustration as all the other parents out there. He became aware of the many difficulties that parents faced and became determined to come up with a solution for everyone. He applied his expertise in product designing and experimented wit hundreds of prototypes, before coming up with an ergonomic design that fits most users and more importantly, customizable and children friendly. He understands that other that a good seal and filtering, other factors like comfort, cleaning, reusing and portability are also important points to be considered before the product is “Child Friendly”.

Following is a summary of the issues many masks gives, with solutions that the Totobobo Mask gives.

5 Reasons why our mask are superior!

1- Different facial sizes :  Trim to fit smaller faces

2- Hard to check for a good seal  :  (VSC)Visual Seal Check makes it easy

3- Difficult to disinfect (Reusing). :  Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning

4- Children with sensitive skin  :  Totobobo Mask is FDA approved, Non Allergic Soft Material

5- Tough to bring around and keep  : Totobobo Mask is lightweight and can be flattened

Parents and school teachers from different parts of the globe have discovered this new solution for their children and students. If you are looking for an effective Respirator to protect your children, Totobobo Mask is exactly what you are looking for!

“It is the only mask out there that fits my boy and give him adequate protection.”
– Bob Williams, Knoxville , USA



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How to’s

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