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The Exposure to Pollution Around the World

The news, healthcare agencies, and governments all warn of the pollution faced by billions of people around the world.

These warnings have been around for so long, however, that many people have come to accept the pollution that they are surrounded by. Another reason that more people are not worried or taking proper precautions is because they do not understand the real risk.

This is why this infograph provided by Cykelvalg.dk has put in terms that people understand: Cigarette smoke.

You may be careful about your exposure to second hand smoke and you certainly would not let your children smoke. In Beijing alone, it is as though you and your family are smoking 118 cigarettes a month! This is how much pollution you are exposed to, every time that you step outdoors. Even in Singapore, the average across the year is 25 cigarettes a month. Therefore it is advisable to protect yourself and your children with an effective filter mask when you are outdoor in high pollution period such as haze, or in heavy motorised traffics area.

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