MIDI MUSIC FESTIVAL IN BEIJING : Haidian Park, Beijing / Dates: April 29th – May 1st 2012

Beijing Midi Music Festival Poster , Designer Zhu Wei

Midi Music Festival is regarded as the Woodstock of China. It is China’s largest rock music festival, which also started as the first music festival in China. With tens of bands at home and abroad volunteering to perform at Midi, it attracts tens of thousands of young people all over the country. Many travel long distances by train just to catch the annual feast for ears.

The theme this year is “PM 2.5,” focusing attention on a growing environmental problem in China. PM 2.5, also called “fine particles,” is an air pollutant with less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter. Avant-guarde artist Zhu Wei designed this year’s poster, describing a future scene where all people care about environment. Zhu Wei also designed the poster for 2006 Midi Music Festival, as well as directing the music video for Miserable Faith’s famous song, “Bloom.”

Source: International Beijing Foreign Studies University

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