Mohit recommends Totobobo mask

Mohit from India recommends Totobobo mask. His has been using his trusty Totobobo mask for the last 10 years!
Thank you Mohit!

8 thoughts on “Mohit recommends Totobobo mask”

  1. If you are exercising near traffic (especially traffic with diesel trucks) you are putting your lungs at risk. A separated bike path does not keep out airborne particles. The combination of proximity to pollution and deep breathing is very dangerous. Wearing a mask is a great idea, but get one that is government certified. In the US masks are certified by NIOSH. For bikers biking in pollution, P100 masks are the safest and not that expensive (under $20). has a great article on this called: “Biking: Bad for Your (Respiratory) Health?”:

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  3. chandan Kumar

    what is price of totobobo mask. Can i get it from Jamshedpur(Jharkhand).
    I have pollution problem due to patrol & deasal.Can i use this mask ?
    Kindly, reply as soon as possible.

    Chandan Kumar

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